Rabbit Festival in Vancouver

Visited the 10th Annual Rabbit Festival held at the Scottish Cultural Center in Vancouver yesterday :D saw lots of cute bunnies!

My personal favorite is that brownish lion head bunny seen below, he mostly hide inside the box, looking very cute and shy haha!  I think I took the most photos of him(?) :P

If you happen to see any photos of your bunny(s) among my photos, please comment here, I will be more than happy to send you a better picture without my URL via e-mail :)

I had always been rather curious about attending one of these bunny related event, and when my friend Patty came by from out of town I harassed my husband to take us there for a look LOL.

We do not own any bunnyes but we have two cats, Ginko and Yoshi, adopted from a local no kill shelter.

We strongly encourage adopting your pets (future pets) from shelters, neutering your pets, and most importantly doing lots of homework and make sure you’re aware of many of the financial etc obligations included in your pets- which will also become family :)

There was this cute Diorama available for every bun to take photos at :D It was really neat! I think I owe someone $5 for taking a photo of their bun LOL


Two girls were having their buns “meet”, I was a little worried at how some of the buns were being handled, but I guess perhaps somebuns are tougher than the others :P


This dwarf bun is so tiny and cute, smelted my finger through the railing :3


Lopeared bun loaf :3


This tiny cutie posed so well here! :D



There was even a Banana eating contest! Many of the contestants couldn’t wait to runs to the fresh slices cut up in front of them XD It was so cute and funny :)


The last two contestant for the grand winner! Who will win?


And we have a winner! This cutie (I missed all the names LOL) finished the banana in a few noms XD



The runner up probably had banana overload and didn’t want to eat anymore XD


Couple more photos from my phone: This White bunny is a flemish giant Bunny, it is HUGE XD I think maybe 3 times as big as Ginko and Yoshi? :P



Omake: I brought a petite blythe doll with me but forgot to take her out for photos at the Bunny Festival lol

Thanks for looking!


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  1. KPT & More
    KPT & More says:

    That Flemish was mine :) She is actually half Flemish & half New Zealand, only 9 pounds. Her brother, who I silk bring next treat, is 11 pounds. They are both still growing :)

    If anyone is interested, I am selling handcrafted organic grain-free all natural apple treats, as well as wheat-free banana treats, pumpkin treats, and harvest treats for Christmas for rabbits, small animals, and birds. I also have assorted wheat-free dog treats available.

    They are taste tested by my four rabbits and my dog training clients.
    Feel free to email me for details, or come by my table at the Crescent Beach Camp Alexandra indoor holiday market on Saturday, November 22nd.

  2. Becky
    Becky says:

    hi, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You don’t have any pictures of my bunnies but I was there with three of them. Arlo was the white flemish giant in the kids corner that people could go and pet (he loved the day of lounging and attention) and his sister Pudding (also a white flemmie) was doing agility with her bond mate Ralph who was there for moral support only. I have blythestein too :)

  3. annie
    annie says:

    Awe that brown lionhead is mine and his name is Simba! So many cute bunnies at the festival! Can you please send me his photos when you get a chance? Thank you!

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