Food and random stuff

Looks like we found a new favorite restaurant ^^;

Thought I should document about it despite some seem repetitive — example going to same place for dindin ^^;

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gunpla and nendoroid

With my husband’s encouragement I got a set of SD gunpla to work on last week (when it’s not so hot lol)

Husband said I should pick the one I like the least to work on first in case of mistake… I picked Gogg as I’m not sure if I like his oddly long arms out of the three, but I must say this little fella grew on me after I snapped him together ^^;

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Ritsu and Satomi Sato fan art

It’s a bit hard to do everything at the same time, so I had been trying to do things one at a time, I wish I can sew and draw AT THE SAME TIME, but it’s just not possible lol. Anyone want to help me do housework? LOL

To see the rough line art…

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Moe Passion Mascot fan art 2

Been a while since I posted anything art related ^^; been busy sewing amongst other stuff, I need to clone myself :P

Punynari san is generously holding another contest for his adorable mascot Sakura-chan, when I saw it I know I had to find time to take part again ^^;

Click to full view ^^/

I included another version where Sakura chan is wearing a different coloured swimwear and with her wings :3

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Paper Lamp shades are delicious

Ginko thinks paper lampshades are yummy, and futher destroyed our lampshade in the living room ^^;

PS: I knew it was her because I saw her do it right in front of me :P

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