Obon service

When we went to Izamiya recently I took a look at their bulletin board and managed to catch a glimpse of Obon service organised by the Steveston Buddhist Temple happening on Sunday, so decided to go check it out :3

Took me about half an hour to walk there lol

Gotta buy tickets to eat, drink and play games and they take cash only ^^;/

Part of the food selection has been made to cater more to the Canadian’s tastebuds (there’s cotton candy, hotdog, beer ^^;)

I was too lazy to queue up for the ricebowls (Japanese curry/and chicken karaage I think) so opted for gyozas instead… verdict? I won’t pick that again if I attend it again LOL! I should have tried something from the Bakudanyaki vans instead, not sure what I was thinking lol maybe was just too lazy to join a long queue ^^;

Center stage where dancers will form a circle around ^^

A lot of people brought their kids dressed up in Yukata, totemo kawaii ^O^

Some lovely moms and granmas, also dressed in lovely Yukatas danced along in the circle :)

I did not stay too long as I need to go home to feed the furkids :P It’s really nice to see all the colourful yukatas, it was definitely the highlight of the service. ^^

I brought a small doll – Mokotan with me this time ^^

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  1. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    Sooo cute and relaxing! :) And the gyoza do look nice despite not so good in taste >.~

    Hope everything’s going well! Miss you and your cat and your artsies and dolls! ^^
    Aww and your blog format reminds me of mine waaa good times good times :D!!

  2. chun
    chun says:

    Hello stranger :P Not sure if I would call it relaxing but seriously the little kids in yukatas are very cute lol. Hope all’s well with U too ^^

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