Brief update!

Picture above taken by husband at Steveston’s Farmers Artisan’s Market, which we decided to check out at last minute… The skies were threatening to rain but we left soon after buying some plants ^^;

Summer’s always a busy season, the days are generally longer and there’s usually less rain, people go outside a lot more compared to cold miserable winter… This year is weird tho, we got some rain during July which is normally quite unheard of ^^;

Mini strida getting a ride home with our bottled water :P Strida mini chan always get attention people will strike conversation when I’m with it ^^; luckily I wear shades and helmet… feel less embarrassed lol

Serious sausage being sold lol it looked and smelt very good but we weren’t hungry ^^;

While rain was unexpected, it was welcoming in a way as it cooled down our over heated cats… ^^; We had been even busier the past weeks as our cats Ginko and Yoshi were a little off colour from being dehydrated after a warm/hot spell about 2 weeks ago. It was rather stressful and definitely threw some of our plans off =_=; I really hate to feed them medication, I got a scratch from Ginko just last night from doing so…

We got home and I suffered a terrible migraine and was knocked out for a few hours =_=;

Managed to edit some previous photos after I woke up and had some dinner, photos are actually taken by my husband ^^ He bought these neat snacks from Hong Kong a while back :3 Shark’s fin and Abalone flavor ^^;

Feels like we’re paying for the packaging lol!

Popura chan and snacks goes well together XD

Puchi Taiga clones join in the mayhem ^^;

Thanks for looking! ^^/


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  1. chun
    chun says:

    hmmm we just had the abalone one, I’m not sure if it really taste like abalone LOL but it was quite yummy :P salty snack taste XD

  2. chun
    chun says:

    how strange ^^; but I guess it could be kinda like say the gummies or some of the juice drinks in Japan, they don’t really taste/smell like the real thing XD

  3. Arctic_Kitsune
    Arctic_Kitsune says:

    Serious sausages, LOL. Shark tasting pretz…I wonder if it truly tastes like some kind of shark somewhere in the world. And did you hear of the two dogs that chewed on Sharks in Australia? :P

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