Canada Line

Took Canada line for the first time when I went to work at my friend’s shop last week, took a bunch of pictures since it was a nice sunny-ish day ^^;

I missed the bus and decided to walk, it took about 20-ish minutes to walk to the nearest Canada Line Station.

Since I only need to use the public transport once a week, I purchase a stack of fare savers for one zone which allows me to take public transport within the city. I get it validated on either the bus or the machine at the station and I can take a 2nd connecting bus or train within the time stamp which is within 1 and half hours.

I was running late (oops) but thankfully a train had just arrived, people were disembarking. I happen to be closer to the head of the train so I decided to try to get a seat in front.

Nice thing is guide dogs are allowed on the Canada Line ^^

Dolls hiding in my bag was allowed too :P

Driverless… :P Train started in about 5 minutes, there were many old folks and kids on the train.

My stop~

View from the station

In the station…

Opposite side

Vivi :3

Walk down the stairs, escalators only goes up.

Short walk to the mall

Gorgeous day

Ze mall

Train across arrived as I walked closer to the mall :3

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  1. radiant
    radiant says:

    I have not yet gone on the Canada Line… STILL. O_O

    Since I drive most of the time, I doubt I’ll get a chance to anytime soon. Someday…

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