Evil food documentation

Oops realise I haven’t blogged here for a bit ^^; Time flies!

Have a bunch of food pix to document :3 along with some miscellaneous pix :)

Went to talk to a neighbour when she was having a garage sale to clear old stuff out XD and she gave me this little flower from her yard :)

Meat… was supposed to be BBQ but something wasn’t working so the meat was pan fried

BBQed meat and pan fried tastes different for some reason

Baked potatos nomnom my favorite!

Baked brussel sprouts

Fruity dessert ^o^

Uli’s yummy noms (attended a birthday dinner with family :3)

Crab cakes and cobbs salad to share, love it!

Burgerrr I loved the fries lol

Really good sheared scallops with some kinda green sauce with peas the bits were mutton (goat?) bacon? There’s a slight after taste which I didn’t care for, but the sauce and scallops were excellent!

So good, it deserves another shot :P

Passed by this neat looking japanese restaurant on way back from dindins


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  1. mezzo forte
    mezzo forte says:

    *SIZZLING* :P~~~

    The last shot of japanese restaurant is so interesting.
    The left flag: “只今営業中 (Tadaima Eigyouchu)” means “Now Open”. The picture is “招き猫 (Maneki Neko)”, a popular cat in japan. It means “Welcoming Cat”. It’s often made of pottery.

    The center: “(酒) [本格] 焼酎あります (Sake Honkaku Shouchu Arimasu)” means “Liquor, genuine spirits in this store”.

    The right: “商売繁盛 (Shoubai Hanjou)” means “Rush of business”. The picture is “えびすさま (Ebisu-sama)”, the god of business in japan. He has big ears and holds a fishing rod and a sea bream. He looks like me :)

    There is a familiar sight in japan. But, is that a another country? So funny :D

  2. chun
    chun says:

    long time no see Mezzo forte san XD Thank you for your explanation! I felt that the restaurant had a very nice Japan feeling and I was happy to see it and able to take a photo XD Japanese restaurants are quite common in Vancouver, we get very fresh sea food here ^^/

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