Strida Mini 2

An unexpected “get” this month ^^; I was browsing the bike website (forgot what it was which made me look) and realised their Strida series was on sale!

I had been eyeing the Strida Mini for a long time, since 2009!

Interestingly enough, when my husband was in Hong Kong for about 2 weeks, he mentioned that Strida was/is being promoted in Hong Kong and there’s much more choices, accessories and variety being pushed. I would have loved a pastel pink or blue Strida Mini :P But this Silver one is pretty neat too!

Check out my husband’s Hong Kong entries at here and here. (I did not go as I needed to take care of our Ginko and Yoshi)

Ironically the Strida Mini we bought seems to be the display model (and the only and last piece in the shop) — who knows maybe it was even the exact same one we test drove :P But I was happy that we didn’t have to pay the original price for it… ^^;

I also scored a cute helmet and some bike accessories at 10% off — got compliments for helmet when I rode the bike out to “break it in”… lol

The steering of this little bike is quite sensitive, so I gotta practice to get used to it, decided to do it on this gorgeous sunny/breezy day. Going to the Steveston village on a bike is definitely faster than walking! I saved at least 10 minutes each way if I didn’t stop time to time to take photos.

I’m hoping to be able to take Strida Mini out on the bus eventually — hope they’ll let me get on without too much fuss :P

Strida feels like a flat ground type bike, and good for short distances, I’m also hoping to try to do some small errands with it when I get more confident with handling the bike.

We’re lucky to live near a trail where I can take the bike on for practice. ^^

Strida Mini chan is a great model too no?

Below is how the bike looks folded up and resting on the carrier  — it can be folded up like this in 3 seconds! :3

My Strida Mini did not come with awesome accessories like bell or lights, mud guard, kickstand or frame protector.

I guess Strida Mini is possibly made for children (thus not fully equipped to be used on the roads) — I’m too short, so I cannot even ride the standard Strida with it’s set set to the lowest ^^; After the ride in the afternoon, I custom made the frame protector :3

Random: This fabric unfortunately seem to stain my bag (stained my dollfie before ) ^^;

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  1. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Wah! You beat me to it! I wanted a folding bike as well >_< But now you got a way to get around quickly, eh? :D It should be small enough to carry on the buss, right?

  2. chun
    chun says:

    lol for you you should be fine with the standard strida cos you’re taller lol. If I get used to the bike hopefully I’ll be able to get around a bit faster — walking is good exercise but so slow lol and yes I can carry it rather easily, and since it folds up like this I can wheel it around too ^^

  3. Chunker
    Chunker says:

    You need to post a video of yourself riding it. :) I’ve never seen one of those bikes.

    Have a very Happy Birthday!!!

  4. chun
    chun says:

    Hey! sorry was away from computer for a bit, I did have a video, an old one ^^; the new video was kinda crappy LOL and thank you!

  5. chun
    chun says:

    lol are you talking about carrying the bike around? Actually I could fold it up and roll it along like a stroller :D so it wasn’t as heavy when I can roll it about. I’m still not very good at folding it up super fast, but it can be folded up in as quick as 3 seconds lol. I put it to a test by making a quick run to buy a couple small stuff this week, got quite a bit of attention/some compliments (oops) but I was warned about that by my friend in Singapore who owned it :3

  6. Duckie
    Duckie says:

    Here is the bike, then where is the girl who can run over u if u’re not stay out of her way?? XD :))
    Nice bike anyway, it is expensive?

  7. chun
    chun says:

    I looked too goofy in most pix taken quickly due to bad weather (too windy!) it was on sale so it was at least about 200 cad off I think!

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