Strida Mini adventures 4 — Doll meets

Took Strida Mini to a couple doll meets over the weekend!

It was quite a work out rolling Strida Mini around as we move from spot to spot LOL esp in the warm weather! :P I took Strida Mini out cos I want to see how both me and the bike flare in warm and crowded conditions :3

In the morning, the train is not crowded, and I was able to get a seat and have Strida Mini folded next to me :) I have also decided to hang the helmet on the bike when I am not using it.

Later I also found that I can prop the seat of the bike onto the seat, making the bike stand — take less room.

The meet on Sunday happened in Granville Island, I was glad I went as I think it took me out of a bit of my usual comfort zone, I’m rather bad with directions and have a huge fear of getting lost. But by going out to Granville Island by transit on my own, I realised it’s not as terrifying as I thought LOL

It was really crowded in Granville Island on a beautiful weather Sunday, so some point in time I was glad that my kind friend offered to let me put my bike in her car :P When we went to have lunch the table we sat at probably won’t have enough space to put the Strida ^^;

Below I took Strida Mini to a Ball jointed doll meet in QE park on Saturday by transit :P

Forgot to take more photos of Strida Mini ^^;

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    oh! I didn’t ride all the way :P haha! I’m just testing it out to see how I flare having to roll around an extra thing when I am out… I foresee if it’s crowded and I’m on my own it’d be tricky — not sure how to roll it into the tiny washroom cubicles :P etc

  2. chun
    chun says:

    LOL I haven’t rode it in a while cos so cold in winter >_< I dunno how people can go jogging/biking in this weather (I seen people do that quite often) I got it when it was on sale, even so it turned out to be around 850 after taxes I think? =_=; I love it tho, it's a small cute thing :P

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