Chickadee stalking close up

Chickadee: Hmmm what do we have here?

I had been monitoring the bird feeder time to time, stalking it like Ginko and Yoshi while hiding behind a few pillows… (so that we don’t scare the chickadees too much!)

Was lucky enough to catch the chickadee on my phone even! Super cool :3

Chickadee being super brave even when Yoshi was watching very closely thru the window!

One of the closest so far I got with the phone camera ^o^ It’s super rewarding when they come so close, even tho they fly off really quickly after picking up the seed :3

Ah, below are a few more pictures taken with the DSLR :)


Oh it’s you…

Hmm better make sure it’s just you… (LOL at the pose XD)