Went to pick up some potatoes at a small stand somewhat near our place. It’s a long a busy busy road so…. I was on the pavement ^^;  I generally get off the bike to walk if I come across pedestrians tho.

Weather has been weird these days ^^;

There are times it’s really cold and rainy, felt almost like winter, but by afternoon when the sun comes out for a bit it feels quite warm, even comfortable?

It’s easier to ride Strida Mini when it’s not rainy or too cold.

Managed to sneak one of my dolls along with me, in attempt to take photos near to a “dream doll house” lol

Hopefully next time I will feel brave enough to actually ask for permission to take pictures… tho there’s a possibility of getting refused if I do ask (doh!)

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4 Responses to Strida Mini adventures 5 — potato run

  1. mezzo forte says:

    Nice bike and doll. Kawaii ///

    I heard the artificial satellite was falling down in Canada o_O; Are you okay?

  2. chun says:

    Domo Arigato mezzo forte san! Oh… sorry if we worried you, but we’re okay! I think the satellite landed in the ocean? But I’m not sure ^o^;>

  3. mezzo forte says:

    Sorry for wrong news x_x
    I’m relieved you are okay (;^^A
    I hoped that the satellite crashed my old home.
    Because I expected that was going to be rebuilded by NASA XD

  4. chun says:

    Oh! Please do not worry, thank you for your concern :D Hahaha I wonder if Nasa will really try to rebuilt anything if they happen to destroy it ^^;

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