Yoshi on Zazzle

Yoshi is one of our cats, I’m trying to find a better photo of Ginko – our other cat – to turn into an image ^^;

While I was uploading the image, I noticed this discount code :)
October 2-Day Sale! 15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS! Ends Tomorrow! Use Code: OCTBERSALE15


Ginko is being treated to keep her random seizures under control with medication and monitoring. Proceeds from these items will be put into the vet bills (check up etc).

My husband remarks that I made Yoshi’s eyes bigger… and I told him, Yoshi’s eyes always look bigger to me in person LOL But if you prefer Yoshi photo on a product… here it is :P

Yoshi on a bag
Yoshi on a bag by puppy52
Find more Ginkoyoshi com Bags at Zazzle
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