Meat and Bread

Niko to pan o tabemashita! (Meat & Bread eaten!)

Had some visitors from Singapore was visiting Vancouver and I hung out with them a little :)

I took them to Meat and Bread, it was my first time there too~!

It was a cloudy and sometimes rainy day, quite windy too, but I was glad to meet them, one of them being a friend from “Friday Weekly”, a student paper’s reporter/editor from my teenage days who watched me grow up :P

We had Pork and bread sandwich, the pork is very juicy, I didn’t like the fatty part tho, and they had really crispy bits — probably the skin lol, mustard on the side is very mild and goes well with the meat and bread was chewy with a slightly crispy skin ^o^

Quinoa salad, it was interesting — don’t think I ever eaten it before!

After walking around and doing some shopping for souvenirs (omiyage) we my friends, we had a short drink break and a Honey cruller from Tim Horton’s — shared between 3 people lol! For some reason it is a lot sweeter from what I remembered ^^; I guess maybe that is why we don’t go there as much as before ^^;


Hotel which they were staying at

It was their first time visiting Vancouver, and since it’s autumn, they were very excited about the colourful autumn leaves :D

Chubby sparrows getting ready for winter?


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  1. Shizuo
    Shizuo says:

    If I don’t miss remembered last time I posted in this blog about “food” and now I saw “food” again. Coincidence, isn’t it? Ahaahahaha.

    Anyway, sorry for my bad english :)

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