Art, food and critters

This entry is way overdue I know, but I had been awfully busy ^^; I am probably very fatigued these days as one of my eye (optical lol for you DC peeps) is still rather twitchy ^^;

I wanted to draw a new piece of artwork to put on site as an entry image, but haven’t been very happy with my recent artwork, and also not to mention no time to CG properly ^^; CGing can take a few hours to a few days and I just don’t have the luxury at the moment since I have an important deadline to meet ;_; But well today made another step nearer to the deadline so took a little time to sketch a bit :)

Drew a record speed little e-card for a friend :) Her birthday is 28th March ^^!

Took a photo of recent room status to take part in a giveaway contest at ^^;

Last Sunday me and hubs went to hang out with bro-in-law and waifu ^^
Took some random pix :3 the 2 pix below is taken by hubs ^^

It was a cold but beautiful and clear day :D

This was taken by me ^^

Brunch :P

I brought my Mamachapp dolls along ^^ It was fun taking photos of them :D If you’re interested you can check out this entry on my doll blog ^^/

Ready for evil food pictures?



Bro in law’s order:

Mine ^^; Hub’s is quite similar to mine lol he had a scrambled egg with sausage bits in it I think?

Oh last Saturday, hubs managed to take a couple pix of a raccoon rummaging thru our neighbour’s garbage ^^;

Back in Singapore we’ll at most see rats I think? lol Or stray cats? ^^;
It’s tail and body shape reminds us of our late Meowmeow’s ^^;

Lastly I bring to you Uchi on youtube XD

Damn it’s almost 1 am ^^; time for beddo! Oyasumi~~

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  1. Persocom
    Persocom says:

    Cute Uchi video, the music drew my son’s attention and he got a kick out of watching it lol. Speaking of my son, I wish I could make cute cards like that his birthday is in 2 days XD Where I used to live we used to get raccoons, possums and skunks walking into town and getting into things all the time. I didn’t bother participating in the room contest because soooo many people have completely insane rooms filled with more stuff than I’ll probably own in my life, or at least it feels that way now. Yours looks quite tidy ^^

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @FatB they’ll come touch U when you sleeeepiinnnnnn lol!

    @Persocom :D awwww glad your son got a kick from watching it XD! If you do make a card we wanna see it ;P! Skunks look so cute but the smell OH my gawd lol! Mine’s consider rather messy already but then again large bulk of the mess is hidden ^^;;;;

  3. chun
    chun says:

    @Otaku Dan Ooooh Raccoons can be vicious! Me and hubs saw a couple of em fighting, scary (esp the sounds)

    @Gordon I seen rats the size of the stray cats before O_o; scary! Wonder if it’s isolated in where my parents live :P And argh about the cat killer! =_=

  4. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Hmm, never seen a real life raccoon yet… but they can be cute as long as they don’t rummage through our garbage. Uchi so cute!! The eyes are twitching too lol.

  5. chun
    chun says:

    @lightningsabre hehehe we were surprised to see the raccoon for sure! Didn’t know they’re this brave/daring ^^; Uchi is very tame :) One of my tamest hamster lol

    @Mimi hehehe thanks! U like greasy brunches? lol

    @Edward *grin* I love broccoli too ^O^ I think it probably smells really nice for them ^^

  6. Lene
    Lene says:

    Raccoons look kinda cute :x hahaha. I’ve never seen one in person. I usually see possums and skunks ;x

    Hope your eye gets better!

  7. Michael Flux
    Michael Flux says:

    We get raccoons and opossums around these parts all the time. I feed them cheese and bread. Funny how they’re all already used to be doing that so they just come in swarms of 4-5 at a time. Especially cute when its 5 few month old raccoons which are as big as a kitten. ^_^

  8. chun
    chun says:

    @Lene I think so too! lol Skunks are cute too haha! esp baby ones! too bad they spray :P! Thanks (about the eye lol)

    @Micheal Flux awww! and wow 4-5! take pictures! and awwwwwwwwwwwww omg I never seen a raccoon as big(small?) as a kitten lol

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