This entry is way overdue I know, but I had been awfully busy ^^; I am probably very fatigued these days as one of my eye (optical lol for you DC peeps) is still rather twitchy ^^;

I wanted to draw a new piece of artwork to put on site as an entry image, but haven’t been very happy with my recent artwork, and also not to mention no time to CG properly ^^; CGing can take a few hours to a few days and I just don’t have the luxury at the moment since I have an important deadline to meet ;_; But well today made another step nearer to the deadline so took a little time to sketch a bit :)

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This is a semi test post! Haven’t been able to update my blog for a little bit due to some weird bug ^^;, mucked around a bit and I hope it’s working nao (fingers crossed).  Like I mentioned before, I am very pleased to managed to get a special arrival before the new year, her name is Mirai Yukino! ^O^ She is a Dollfie Dream :)

For moar pix clickie here ^^/!

What was I doing on New Year eve? Preparing a feast food! :P I got some help here and there and hubs cleaned up most of it (with some help from me of course), so I really shouldn’t complain, we also have some left over to help us tide over the ridiculous amount of snow we been getting…
(We’re kinda trapped at home again! =_=;)

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Had been feeling under the weather, due to a flu bug possibly o_o; so art has been slow. Also need to catch up with work (eek)

Updated full version (full view with legs uncropped) in Gallery page ^^/

On a non art related note, mail loot made our evening last nite :3 Uchi posing with the loot ^^!

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Uchi!! (Uchi: wah me?!)

I know this doesn’t have much to do with my drawings so I will move this over to tumblr after the cute down is completed!
Uchi for Mayor! (or something) Watch cute with chris episode 158
and vote for Uchi by leaving a comment here!
Thank you :)

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Usually I’m unable to post much artwork on weekends as I am mostly not at home ^^; I recently started on a Horo sketch but I don’t really like how it is turning out so I am not gonna post it here, hopefully I can come up with a better pose ^^!

However if you’re interested in food, pets and random pictures, my tumbler had been recently updated :) I definitely have some nice pictures of cherryblossoms coming up later on!

I was going to blog about cutewithchris‘s Live in Toronto show but it sold out in less than an hour! :O (we’re so proud of him tho!)

I got Uchi to help me call in to check for tickets but unfortunately we weren’t able to get any…
As you can see I needed to bribe the little guy a bit LOL

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Drew Uchi in a semi realistic style in flash recently, picked the more cantoonish version to use for the flash doll instead ^^;/
Added twitter balloon to Artist page just because it’s cuute :P found it via Azami sensei’s page!

Tumblr was updated with Uchi tactics yesterday ;3, included a youtube video :3
Okay time to cook dinner ^^;/

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What are you waiting for? Go play with Uchi XD
I’ll try to add more stuff to him in future :3

twitter and tumblr links are also updated into Artist page ^^/
Okie back to work ^^;

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New Doodle section in Gallery page ^^/

Made this art of our hamster, Uchi on photoshop :3

Uchi art :D

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