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Meet Yoshi and Ginko…

Our 2 furry adoptees ^^; Yup you didn’t read wrongly ^^; the drawing I did is a rough interpretation of what they could be if they were humans :3 Yoshi is the tabby boy, and Ginko is the grey girl (his sister) both are nuetered, 7 months old, as we were told by the shelter, the photos make them look bigger than they really are. They’re around 6+ pounds each and growing! ^^

With the recent loss of Meowmeow, we didn’t think we would have a cat too soon, let alone a couple. It was difficult having lost a cat who’s always in our lives for a few years. It was hard not to cry when we thought of him especially the first few days, it felt almost like we need to get theraphy to get over the shock of loosing him… I still feel sad sometimes when I think about his untimely passing, but we also know that unfortunately Meowmeow is not coming home :/

Old picture of our Meowmeow:

We did want to have cat(s) again tho, not to replace Meowmeow of course, since each and every cat or pet in general has very different personalities from our limited experiences. Even a small creature like a hamster can have a very different personality from each other :)

2 new rescued kittens at the shelter, on the afternoon of the day we “found” our 2 adopties, so new they weren’t even vaccinated yet. Death by cute I tell you! :P They look postcard perfect don’t they? I assure you tho, their poo won’t be as cute lol!  These 2 could be the first of the “spring kittens bloom”. In places where there’s 4 seasons (unlike Singapore where it’s hot almost all year round), spring is the time you see the most younglings ^^; It means that shelters will be swarming with kittens needing new homes =_=;

First night: Tabby on earmite medicine which made him kinda greasy ^^;

So after doing some rearch and visiting a No kill shelter over a few weekends, with no intention to bring anyone home just yet.  One Saturday, just when we were about to leave, we noticed a little girl opening the cage of a young grey kitty; the little girl’s mom was next to her, carrying and stroking another pitiful (but very beautiful tabby) adult cat who had recently had her leg amputated due to having being run over by a car =_=; the volunteers there are working hard to nurse her back to health tho!

The young grey kitty looked rather small, almost as if she was still a kitten or just a little bigger, she was mewing in a thin almost squeaky/chirpy mew at us everytime we stroked her or try to pick her up and her fur was clean and super soft. ^^

So while hanging out with her and observing her a little, we found another one almost her size in a tabby pattern, sleeping in a cat canvus “basket”.

Grease ball :P

Less greasy and looking foxey ^^

The tabby woke up and we noticed it’s right ear was super red and itchy — seemed like it had been scratching the ear so much that it looked painful and raw :( So we informed the volunteers who later gave some treatment to the affected ear. Later we found out from the Lady shelter manager (and internet) that it was ear mites — which is pretty common in cats and can be treated with ear drops and antibiotics.  Now all the cats in that same room has to have drops to kill the mites, since earmites are contagious within cats/dogs ^^;

We felt that those 2 kitties have some potential despite the ear infection for the tabby, and having done some research we had found out that cats actually do like some company despite many misconceptions that cats are solitary animals, and 2 from the same litter would be good start. But remember tho, 2 cats, double the poo, and cost, so think carefully if you decided/are deciding to adopt one!

Spot the flying catnip mini pillow!

So we stayed a bit longer, talked to the shelter manager lady, found out more information about the duo, end up taking some forms home to think it over… :P Next morning we cleaned out and kittyproof a couple rooms , filled up the forms and we’re now owners of 2 young cats ^^; We had to administer the ear drops still, and when they got to our place their stools turned soft probably due to change in diet and stress, so had to keep watch on them until they get better. So on top of work, these guys been keeping us busy until they settle down more ^^;/ (sorry for disappearing for a bit!)

Young cats have boundless energy… We see Yoshi stalking Ginko here :3

After checking out the drawer, Yoshi smelt something at the corner! (Check out his goofy look!)

Ginko’s turn!  They may have smelt the cat pheromones from Meow from before :P

One thing I must say about the shelter manager lady is she’s very dedicated to make sure that the cats we brought home, stay in a good home. The shelter actually screen future owners and she screened us by talking to us, and the questionaire she gave us to fill up also have questions to ascertain that we’re suitable cat adopters. I believe if we didn’t stay and talk to her that day (for an hour + at least) we probably wouldn’t have found these 2 furballs of joy. And work lol, don’t bring home a kitty/pet if you’re not prepared to work on them!  We scooped so much poo you won’t believe it :P

I had been reading about cats these days and found this rather interesting method to control the population of stray cats — TNR (Trap Nueter Return), if you’re interested to find out more, do a search on google for “TNR cats” :)

Moar next time :D

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  1. Blowfish
    Blowfish says:

    Hehe is Ginko really pushing Yoshi around like depicted in the image? ^_^

    Adorable little furballs!

    Double the Kitties =Double the Poo So true…So true…
    My mom owns 3 kitties and you know what that means ^^

  2. Edward
    Edward says:

    They are so cute chun. I have always wanted a gray cat. It was the same when we lost our tom of almost 22 years. After one month I picked up the cat I have now. She was camped out at the entrance of hotel I stayed at while on a business trip.

  3. chun
    chun says:

    @Panther, well be glad you don have to scoop poo really :P do you have strays which are actually being looked after in your area? And thanks ^^

    @Blowfish hehee well Yoshi is actually the one pushing Ginko around a lot sometimes, she has to smack him (gently) sometimes for playing rough! lol Triple the POO! O_O

  4. chun
    chun says:

    @Edward weird that I missed your comment lol! Sorry to hear about the Tom cat :o 22 years! It musta live a really good life to lived so long :) and That kitty found you ^o^

    @kmyk I hope we’re changing it for the better! And that it all work out somehow :3

    @Tenrou :D thank you! I hope so!

    @FatB :P I read before that cat meat ain’t tasty anyways lol

  5. xJAYMANx
    xJAYMANx says:

    @Puppy-Chun: Awww, got grease? LOL.

    Hey, question about the drawing: If her derriere were facing us (wouldn’t mind that), how would u draw the tail with the skirt? Tail coming thru a slot in the skirt? Or tail coming out from under the skirt? I guess the same questions with her pantsu (if she’s wearing any)… Forgive me, it’s late, almost midnight, lol. >_<;

  6. chun
    chun says:

    @lightningsabre hehe yeah he was so greasey thanks to the ear drops, not looking forward to having to apply it on him again in 2 weeks time o_o (have to do that to ensure all the mites are gone)

    @xJAYx most likely a slot in the skirt :P she may have a slot in pantsu too LOL her pantsu will likely be grey and furry :P

  7. Lene
    Lene says:

    Congratulations to the new family members!

    And even though Meowmeow’s gone, he’ll forever live on in your hearts and memories :3

  8. Aquilla
    Aquilla says:

    Aww chun, they’re both lovely. Two cats may be double the trouble, but they’re ten times the fun ^^ it’s nice to support shelters too.

    My cats love to stalk and hunt each other all around the room, flinging poor unsuspecting objects to the floor.

    I’m sure you’ll have your hands full, but I can’t wait to see more pictures of their antics.

  9. supermiko
    supermiko says:

    Hey, just wondering what camera you use for your pics because they look great. Lovely kittens.

  10. chun
    chun says:

    @YuKi-To :D thankq :D

    @Lene thank you! and yes he will :) he’s quite some cat! lol

    @Aquilla thank you :3 I do hope it all works out somehow, I guess since kitties are indoors they gotta imitate what they might do if they’re in the wild/outdoors :3

    @supermiko some pictures were taken with canon 40D and others are the simple point and shoot (also canon) ^^

  11. chun
    chun says:

    @RyoBase lol! Remember to take the poo with U! :P

    @Michael Flux thanks! :D we were told they’re likely to be Maine Coons and may grow really huge ^^; apparently they reach their maximum size in 3-4 years (yikes!)

  12. aprilius20
    aprilius20 says:

    Aww~ such lovely tails! I just feel like giving ’em a light tug (and just in case, I don’t have a tail fetish ala that Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei girl), lol

  13. chun
    chun says:

    @Coco the Bean :D they’re both really adorable, so we hope it all works out :3!

    @aprilius20 LOL! tail fetish!!!! :P and I think it is gordon’s trooper number/code?

    @gordon edited lol! we haven’t tried boxes for them yet, but they do like crawling under our bed ^^;

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