Erina Nakiri fan art WIP

I have been busy ^o^;

I intend to document work in progress of some of my CG artworks and upload them on youtube! Please Subscribe if you like what you see! ^o^/

Click image below to view video, Drawing the outline in Studio Paint ^o^/

Click image below to view video, Colour start! Part 1 ^o^/

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Cabbage and Pork gyoza

My husband and I love gyozas, and sometimes have cravings to eat it, the ones we purchased often taste like they have a lot of MSG in it, so after I learnt how to make it, I decided to make my own version of the fillings :)

I made gyoza skin/wrappers from this youtube tutorial by ochikeron.

The fillings for the gyoza I made this time are cabbage, carrot, minced garlic, shallot, salt (to draw out the moisture) and pepper. I will be readjusting the amount to see if more vegetables would work out.

I used the food processor we got last year to grind the pork, I used 2 pieces of pork chop loin (I think?) I may reduce the amount of meat and see if it works, as husband remarked that more vegetable will be better. Read more


I biked out on Strida Mini to run an errand yesterday, but the star of the show is ducklings!

(click on the pictures to view larger images!)

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Richmond No Kill Shelter

Remember the Secret Cat Haven? (Thank you for everyone who wanted to donate and show their support!)  Their affiliated shelter RAPS (Richmond Animal Protection Society or RAPS) is having an open house from 12-3pm on 31 Dec 2010 to bring awareness and gather support. Location and contact information can be found here.

Ginko and Yoshi are adopted from RAPS, and we visit the shelter time to time to update them and also check out their cats :) Posted an entry at if you’re interested in more photos and a video of kittens at play~!

We’re extremely tempted to take this adorable tabby kitten home :P

Autumn bunny finding

I noticed that there are bunnies out and about these days, the weather and temperature seems to be suitable for them I guess :) And guess what I think we might have come across the bunny which induced a lot of “AWWWWWWW” when it was a bebe!!!! I embedded the video below the photo ;3 Video was uploaded in March 12, 2009

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Video capture

Tried doing a video capture of a very quick Sai doodle test :3 The clip is around 7 minutes long.  I forgot to hit resume recording some point in time LOL And yes I did not put sound, please play your own favorite music :P
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Cat nap

I’m probably biased, but I think we have a couple of the funniest kittehs in the world! (…Or at least in Canada :P)

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Cat show

Checked out a cat show with husband over the weekend, kinda a last minute decision to go as the traffic around the area on the day before was HORRIBLE! ^^; We got stuck in the traffic for almost more than an hour when we were trying to run some errands ^^;

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Richmond Olympic Oval

Chanced upon the near completed Richmond Olympic Oval in the middle of some errands not long ago, but didn’t have time to look thru pix until now. ^^; While I personally think it’s not as cool as the life size Odaiba Gundam — by the way loads more pix/links at, husband and I were quite impressed by our quick visit with how  it looks so far ^^!

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