Japan 2011 – Matsuri

Sorry for the delay in photo updates, I am trying to get over jet lag, a little sickness and gotta finish some work waiting for me when I came back ^^;

Our friends in Japan kindly took us to check out a Matsuri near the area where we had dinner at, it was apparently the last evening of the Matsuri so we were very lucky to catch it!

I’m always envious of people who show the colourful and festive Matsuri photos, and wished we had a chance to visit one, so I guess my wish came true XD

So these decorative bundles seen below are for good luck if you buy it and display it in your home or business, if I did not remember wrongly it gets bigger each year ^^; and you return the one you bought the year back for the temple to burn and take away the bad luck…

There was a lot of people around this area, and since me and husband are not very tall (LOL) we had to try to not lose our friends in the crowds ^^;


A lot of Yatai (屋台) around selling food and sometimes games XD

kawaii ^^;

The amasake (sweet sake) escaped my husband again lol they were sold out when we went close enough to ask XD

We were super full from dinner so didn’t get any Taiyaki lol, in fact we skipped most of the street food ^^; husband probably have some more photos taken as well which I am looking forward to see when he has time to post them :)

Bonus: Sky tree at night! Skytree is not open yet, but we get to see it from afar when the day is clear XD Really cool to see it at night too, but it’s not lit up ^^;

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  1. Howie
    Howie says:

    So jealous of the trip you guys took! And got to meet up with Danny Choo ! Anyway, wish you guys a wonderful holiday and happy new year !

  2. chun
    chun says:

    Japan is so addictive ^^; so poor after we come back lol! Danny was so busy so we were lucky to have met him in his super tight schedule >_<;! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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