Anime Evolution 2010

Attended one day of Anime Evolution this year, main reason is to check out UBC as the venue, and hang out with my doll friends :DI would say the Artist Alley is totally at a prime location!  Loads of traffic going in and out and the artists look busy taking commissions etc.

Managed to get husband to join me this time to take cosplayer photos :D

I had an interesting experience which I want to take note here lol I wore a Yukata this year (despite the heat) and when I was sitting around waiting for my friends to come out from the Ball Jointed Doll panel/meet, a lady approached me and asked if I could help her put on her Yukata, so I did! ^o^ It took a while to adjust the yukata so at first my friends thought I was kidnapped LOL!  But I thought I finished it quite quickly already, I felt happy to be able to help ^o^ Small picture below because my hair looks bad :P LOL

I was carrying a doll, 2 bags, camera and sometimes an umbrella… so I did not take many cosplayer photos ^^; It was really cool to recognise characters from anime we watched before tho! ^o^!

Atsuii x_x

We got a surprise when we asked to take a photo of them, they standing at ease and then suddenly jumped into this pose XD

This year I wore a Yukata despite knowing the heat– mainly because I took the trouble to iron it the day before and felt also there’s not much chance for me to wear it other than events like this lol! Photo below by Lightningsabre ^^;

Photo below by my husband ^^/ The very convincing TK from Angel Beats is cleartranqil ^o^! Good to see him (and a few other peeps) again! :3

For more doll related photos here :) (past related posts 1/2/3 )

Wow… I really did not take too many photos lol! But I hope I’ll increase my experience points for next time :)

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  1. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Oh you wanted it at that low rez ^^; And hell yes it was hot! I was sweating just standing around and stupid me forgot to bring a fan. I brought a fan on the last day though. Looks like you got quite a few photos for not even buying a pass :P

  2. ClearTranquil
    ClearTranquil says:

    Hey it’s me! LOL

    Thanks for posting that! My pose is way better on your hubby’s shot than the pose I struck with my own camera. I was wondering if I could get a bigger copy please?

  3. Kaionlriu
    Kaionlriu says:

    oh hey it’s you Zac ! XD /wahaha

    man I wish I could have gone to AE this year just to hang out and chat..
    ~sigh hopefully next year

    thank you for the photos chun ! there is not many but I thought all were very nice

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