Early spring blossoms

This year some of the cherryblossom(?) trees are blooming ahead of what we normally experience o_o

Since the blossoms normally only lasts for about 2 weeks after they bloom, we try to take the opportunities to capture them in photos as much as we can! Especially when the weather is clear and beautiful!

This is like the last bit of sunlight before the sunset.

We almost missed it cos I was spending some time to dress my Dollfie :P Blossoms in the shade has a completely different feel compared to blossoms in the sunlight :)

I love cherryblossoms as they reminds me a lot of Japan :)

Husband took some shots as well, I hope he’ll have a chance to post them soon ^^

Meanwhile, he had posted some shots he took on last weekend at Queen Elizabeth Park :D

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  1. i-pup (Jun)
    i-pup (Jun) says:

    Sweeet photos… oh and you have captured a shooting star too ^^
    Should have took it with your cute dollfie, will be extra lovely ^^;

  2. chun
    chun says:

    Thank you :) (weird I thought I replied to your comment maybe I didn’t hit submit ^^; And oh that is actually a trail left by a plane, not shooting star XD I was using a lens which blurred the background a lot so din show the blossoms very well ^^; maybe next time ^^;

  3. chun
    chun says:

    heh unfortunately the cables are just there, I already cropped out some other bits and bobs which had nothing to do with the blossoms, I wanted to show the part which was partially lit up by the sunlight :)

  4. mezzo forte
    mezzo forte says:

    Wow, spring has come on your country? That’s very early. Maybe we will be able to see the cherry blossom late in March. It seems to be darker pink than Japan, but it’s so vivid! I felt spring because the strong wind has blown yesterday. It’s called “Haru-Ichiban” in Japan. It means “Spring No.1”.
    By the way, do you know “Haru-chan”? It’s the character of the TV weather news show.

  5. chun
    chun says:

    Hi Mezzo forte san! :D and yes it is very early! Normally it happens in the middle of march O_O! I think I read about Haru-Ichiban somewhere lol thank you for the information! :) Haru-chan looks kawaii! :D

  6. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    I was in downtown in the middle of Olympics and there were cherry blossoms already! The Vancouver weather is tricking these poor trees if it suddenly becomes real cold again, lol.

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