Anime Revolution Artist Alley booth documentation

Big thanks mailittlealien for helping me take some photos at the booth and of my small array of products! :D

Please check out mailittlealien’s entry on the 3rd day of Anime Revolution for more of the photos she took! :3

Taiga sold the most o_o I only have 3 prints left ^^;/ picture below was taken by mailittlelien too ^o^/

Unfortunately the photos I took on the last day on my camera turned out quite bad ^^; so I have to use most of Mai’s photos ^^;>

Thanks Lightningsabre for coming by with his Gekota fan so we could do this (and Mai for lending Kam her fan XD)

Picture below from my phone XD

Not sure if the Ichika Takatsuki art is too sexy (LOL) only sold one I think ^^;>

Thanks everyone who came by to say hi, and bought stuffs!

Omake: Shopping loot! From top left: Ano Hana by KL-chan, Chibi Shingeki no kyojin poster+bookmarks, Ao no Exorcist, by kurot, Bubbles (and cat) by joodlez. Bottom left to right: Cover art of Anime Revolution program booklet, Ano Hana, Tora Dora! art by cutemew, Book cover of a book complilation by KL-chan (with works from assorted artists in the booklet)

I wanted to get a full body cat suit but the last piece at the dealer booth seemed a bit dirty? LOL Almost forgot about the contact lens in green :P not sure if/when I’m going to use it yet, but I should have bought a purple and a blue pair too lol! But then maybe I’ll try out the one I have first to see if I can tolerate it, since my eyes get dry very easily even without contact lenses. ^^;

Thank you mailittlealien for doing the booth with me, it was fun!  I hope maybe we can do it again next year even tho it was really tiring and a bit stressful at times! ^^; We hope we didn’t scare too many people when we had to be a bit loud about “DON’T TOUCH” lol!

Thanks also to my husband and a friend for helping us guard the booth for some time when we went to the washroom or to do some quick shopping!

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