Urban Tea Merchant

Attended a doll meet at Urban Tea Merchant in downtown, organised to meet with the lovely Archangeli who’s in town for work :D

It was my first time there and I was rather excited! XD Evil food pix ahead!  You have been warned!

Some of my friends had already been there and I recalled the photos of the food and tea looked pretty ^^

I was recommended a milder version of the english breakfast by our server (if I didn’t remember wrongly what I ordered lol) and it was very good, very fragrant and mild :) I forgot the name of the tea unfortunately ^^;>

My friend on my left ordered a green matcha ^o^

I ordered their brunch and it came on a long glass platter, with a beautiful arrangement of sliced fruits, I had to take a few photos of it as it was like a work of art! Unfortunately the fruits were a bit tart ^^;

Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, ham and mushrooms

I enjoyed the scone :9

bluestarbaby who was sitting across from me ordered the petite signature tea service and it was adorable!

The strawberry was a little old looking ^^; The chocolate detail looked cute tho!

Look at the pretty sandwiches! :3

Next to bluestarbaby’s order, also a variation of the petite signature tea service :3

Friend on my right had quiche :3

Interestingly enough, the food was a modest amount but I lasted all afternoon LOL I went to dressew with a couple friends to pick up some stuff, holding my bag of dolls and camera and miscellanous items… I was dead tired by the time I got home tho XD! It was a good work out! :P

Thanks Itsid8 for organising and Archangeli it was nice to meet you and your lovely dolls :) I was really amused a lot more guys showed up at this meet LOL, glad bluestarbaby was able to come and transit with me :P I did a sketch which I happened to like a lot to include with Patty’s purchase from my shop X3