Richmond Olympic Oval

Chanced upon the near completed Richmond Olympic Oval in the middle of some errands not long ago, but didn’t have time to look thru pix until now. ^^; While I personally think it’s not as cool as the life size Odaiba Gundam — by the way loads more pix/links at, husband and I were quite impressed by our quick visit with how  it looks so far ^^!

We were graced with a beautiful day.

From this view, it looks a bit like something out of this world ^^;

Did not find out what the red nets/sculptures(?) mean ^^;

Whatever they are, they are huge ^^;

The clouds reminds me of those back in Singapore ^^

Hopefully the Richmond Oval is sound proofed well as the airplanes flying past are really loud ^^;

Too bad there were a few trucks in front of our view and some parts are not completed… took this photo just for the record ^^

From this angle, the building is not as backlit ^^

Completely non related note :P Had been meaning to post this for a long time too ^^; Was reminded when we need to open our 2nd box for the furkids ^^;  Maybe we’re just biased but we thought the cats printed on the boxes (front and back) looks like of Yoshi and Ginko LOL!

Lastly… Honey, I think we has an artist in the family ^^; (with reference to An Engineer’s Guide to Cats) Oh! Just saw that they have a new video – Advanced Cat Yodeling!
(picture below is taken with phone camera)

Okie back to work ^^; Laters!

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  1. maru
    maru says:

    O_O I hope thats the scratcher and not a picture.

    First time seeing a scratcher! Its meant to let the furkids scratch to their heart’s content?

  2. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    nice pics! I like the one with the plane! the furry kids are up for the artist job, he looks well into his work!
    sorry to be off topic but I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction? I was wondering how many comments and how much time you need to be registered at before you are able to post? And how do you post? I have looked for a page that lists this for weeks and can’t find it! sorry again to bother but I am tired of looking!

  3. Edward
    Edward says:

    えぇ! Advanced Cat Yodeling!? ^o^ Will go watch it laters. You know what they are thinking, Open it up and let us at it chun! ^^

  4. chun
    chun says:

    @maru lol it’s actually not the first time they use a scratcher, they almost destroyed the first one they had ^^;

    @chibinezumi thanks ^^ and I actually can’t find a page which list it either :P I roughly remember there was a limit of 50 comments and U gotta be registered for a certain period of time… and did you look at Member News, do you see “Options” next to it yet? If you do I think if U mouse over it U should be able to see “Upload” when you meet the requirements I think? good luck!

    @Edward lol! Enjoy! The last photo is Yoshi dismantling the box ^^;

  5. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    behold the cat scratcher, where no cat has scratched before

    locale looks nice and all, just missing one tiny little thing: SNOW! wth is it?

  6. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    LoL I haven’t even been to that rink yet… I think they’re doing badminton soon in there? I don’t remember, but I’m sure they have it there. I’m too lazy to check their website :P

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