Fall is kinda here ^^;  Some days it still feels kinda warm, almost like on a nice summer type weather which was why I say “kinda”.  I realised I haven’t really posted about food for a bit and the backlog is huge :P so in this post are some selected highlights ^^;

This post may cause intense hunger :P You have been warned…


Went to Red Robin for the first time before we went to visit a 4 legged friend… I recalled someone on DC mentioned that Red Robin have burgers which have avocado in it and I had been meaning to try it since ^^; I thought the burger at the lower left corner had spaghetti in it but it was actually onion?

Bottomless (meaning you get to refill for free) strawberry lemonade? It had too much ice tho ^^;

We asked to share the burger and they halfed our serving ^^ It was delish~!

Dessert at a different time/place ^^; It’s in Deep Cove, Arms Reach Bistro.  It was served somewhat warm, I wish it was colder as I recalled it being a hot afternoon ^^;

Guess which is it?

Fast forward to another day… The afternoon before Mirin’s photoshoot and that amazing view.
A quick lunch at a Japanese supermarket Izumi-Ya We bought one of the usual, california roll, as we know for sure it’s quite good ^^

Husband felt adventurous and picked this tonkatsu sandwich, it was actually very good! Will definitely get it again the next time we go ^^

I also picked an onigiri, check out the instructions — the seaweed is seperately wrapped so as to ensure the fresh crispy taste ^^

Dejavu :P

Since we’re in downtown, we went to get Japadog, too bad due to some “health regulations” they took off the “Miso Mayo” flavor for now (wah) I never got to try that so I really hope they can sort it out with whatever’s causing them problem from the start ^^;

Fast forward to a birthday dinner at Cravings ^^ Appetizers scallops



Salmon pasta

Saber fish (I think?)

Chicken club sandwich :P


Dessert (cute plate!)

Gogotea Cafe :3 seafood + cream sauce and rice

Satay beef fried noodles

Spicy chicken + rice

Home cooked spam fried rice and veggies on the side :3

Okay my tummy is rumbling nao, gotta feed cats and then myself and then back to work ^^;/

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24 Responses to Obligatory food post – backlog

  1. Edward says:

    It all looks so good! Food post are always a good thing. ^^ Hope they do get the Miso Mayo problem solved. I would like to try in just once or twice myself. Maybe then I could experiment and make my own. ^o^

  2. radiant says:

    Heeey! Spam fried rice! I make that too! Delicious! :9

  3. chun says:

    Ah experiment, good idea! XD Man :P I’m glad I had lunch LOL

  4. chun says:

    huhuhu I love spam ^^; too bad too much is bad :P

  5. YuKi-To says:

    hm… is spam the luncheon meat of Asia? xD
    nom nom nom…. wish I could find a free refill strawberry lemonade somewhere ;3c

  6. Gunstray says:

    Damn it! Last time I went to RB they didn’t have those Funky glass cups >_<

    Try Spam noodles sometime ^^

  7. chun says:

    oh yes I think so! :) Free, not sure if possible or not LOL

  8. chun says:

    but seriously there was a lot of ice ^^; but I guess if U stay long enough U can get more drink with refills lol! And yes HK style Spam noodles :3 yum but oh so vein clotting :P

  9. Koharu says:

    Mmm I’m hungry now! ^^ and that tonkatsu sandwich looks so good.
    Never tried strawberry lemonade, is it good?

  10. Koshiko says:

    *¬* drool~
    So hungry now, all your fault Puppy! xP

    That strawberry drink looks funky because of the glass lol, and I always order my drinks without ice if possible ^^;;

    The tonkatsu sandwich looks delish~ doubt I can find anything similar here… but I now have a craving for japanese food xD;; Might travel to city for lunch or something once I get paid lol~

  11. chun says:

    I want to have it again sometime (tonkatsu sandwich) The lemonde was quite sweet I think?

  12. chun says:

    It’s lunch time here… I need to eat lol, sometimes when the drinks = without ice the drink is flat o_o; Not sure how they store their frizzy drinks :P
    Enjoy your nice lunch! :)

  13. Zwei says:

    That’s Chocolate Ganache Torte, of course XD
    The caramel and the chocolate made it quite obvious XD
    (A novice chef here XD)
    Oh, and maybe I guess you mean swordfish?

  14. chun says:

    lol yes you right :P And I’m not sure ^^; the funny thing is saberfish came up with some weird stuff on google images ^^;

  15. Eri says:

    I told myself that I wasn’t hungry enough to worry about the pictures making me drool, but once I hit the picture of the salmon pasta, I was a goner! Everything looked delicious, and I suddenly want some strawberry lemonade…yum!

  16. 6pack says:

    ahhh! inspite of the warning i made up courage to click on the link. few pics and i started drooling. now i’m hungry. off to get something to eat. *drools all over the page*

  17. chibinezumi says:

    I already ate something so I am armed against this food abuse! very interesting meals and ideas, I am always cold so hot food is welcome. Even 90 degree days I will never drink cold drinks so fall is great for me ^^ hmmm (grabs the samon pasta for later :d)

  18. chun says:

    lol! ugh I shouldn’t have come back to this post myself ^^; I had dinner but I feel like I have room for more ^^;

  19. chun says:

    I try not to browse thru the pix but even thinking about the food…. Uuuugh o-o

  20. chun says:

    and wow O_O hot drink on a hot day?!?! ^o^;

  21. FatB says:

    They have those plates at Winners/Homesense if you want to get them.

  22. chun says:

    That’s neat! You shopingking ^^;

  23. The Envoy says:

    My stomach groans: “Fooooooood. Neeeeeeeeed food.”

  24. chun says:

    ^^;;; me toooooo!

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