A day in – an injured finger

Picture below of army of chocolate bunnies taken while going to get medication (for the husband’s injured finger) at pharmacy in a Supermarket. Not as impressive as my friend’s photo tho!

Easter seems to be a bigger thing in Canada than in Singapore (not sure for the latter for now tho).

Monday was not a very good day, husband’s finger was getting more painful and swollen from getting bitten by our cat on Sunday. We had to go find a walk in clinic in our area after working all day and him bearing with the pain — it has to be very painful as normally he wouldn’t complain about pain for injuries ^^; The weird thing is it’s impossible to find any information online for any walk in clinic in our neighbourhood; we actually had to go to a clinic, find out that it’s full and get information from the receptionist of other clinics around.  After seeing the doctor, we have to go to a pharmacy to collect the medication ^^; So it was a lot of waiting before the problem was taken care of.

Sneaky picture(s) inside where we waited for the doctor…

Hubs spotted a funny image framed up while we waited for the doctor lol! What do you think the boy is doing? ^^;

Going to see a doctor is rather different from what it’s like in Singapore where usually there’s a walk in clinic in the neighbourhood, and it is usually accessible by walking or public transport. Medication is usually dispensed from the clinic itself too, which is more convenient. How is it where you live?

We went to “Save on foods” to get medication and have to wait about 15 minutes, so we walked around, get some groceries before collecting husband’s medication. I had to take a chance to take some sneaky pictures cos Easter is coming there’s some goods which only appears once a year showing up ^^ The balloons and chocolate bunnies are so cute ^o^!

Non easter related – cute pastries hehe 

I want to try the custard one sometime in future :P We had too much junk food at home so I don’t wanna get more ^^;;

Hubs was very amused by these biscuits :P I think they’re called Lady Finger too? And oh, it’s the index finger which was bitten :P

Meow’s been dropped off at the Vet’s for a blood test ^^; New friend of Meowmeow (and the dollies) arrived in the afternoon tho more pictures some other time — gotta catch up with some work ^^;; Bunny boy stayed there for about half a minute :P

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @Otaku Dan it was unfortunate but in a way it was an accident, husband had his hand too near the cat’s mouth when he was holding the cat while I wash the cat’s behind :P The bite was very close to the fingernail, it’s super painful still at this point in time ^^;

  2. xJAYMANx
    xJAYMANx says:

    @Puppy-Chun: Ouch, his injury looks nasty. Almost ironic how my glass-slashed pinky healed in no time (if u read my Krazy Glue post, lol). Unfortunately, his doesn’t look like a job for Krazy Glue. >_<;

  3. k
    k says:

    The last photo a doll sat on the cat one, is cute indeed. By the way, hope your husband’s finger will get better soon.

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