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Art posts are long overdue I know ^^; Also finally updated some of the previously coloured art into the Gallery.

Click on the image below to access the full view or go to the Gallery ^^/

Bonus (LOL)

Been a long time since I really CGed for personal purpose so it feels kinda refreshing, but my (optical) eyes are tired as well since my regular work requires me to look at the computer a lot ^^; Usually I use flash – a vector program, for my day job, which is quite different from “painting”. Really enjoy painting with Sai, since it’s a small and light program and the line art flows very naturally as well. (What is Sai?)

Okie on with some photos :)

Too bad the weekend was mostly cloudy and rainy, so despite some quite photos taken outside, the photos really could had been better if the weather had co-operated. It is the cherryblossom season ^o^ I actually took my Dollfie Dream, Mirai chan out for an outdoor shoot ^^/

Husband had remarked that this year the leaves on a lot of the trees seems to have come out sooner, so the trees doesn’t look as fluffy ^^;

But otherwise in my personal opinion, it is always interesting to see this once a year phenomena and since the weather differs, the photo effects differs as well :)

Picture below is a little washed out, so it looked less overcasted than it really is…

Fuwa fuwa (fluffy)

Another one of my favorite spring flowers, Muscari ^^

Random photo taken from in the car

Taken on another cloudy day…

At the mall, there were easter decorations even before the actual day itself ^^;

Fast food dinner ^^; Haven’t had DQ before that for a few years I think LOL!

Same with Wendy’s ^^;;;;;; Went for a quick snack cos had too little food for lunch, hungry to the point of low batt ^^;

Breakfast on a morning ^^;

A baking accident ^^; Put the tray too near the bottom, where the heat is coming from… The gloves almost burnt thru, we cannot imagine if it had burnt my fingers ^^; There was another accident that evening, which also was a close shave, I’ll save the details as it may tramatise some of you :P

Furballs keeping us busy (Yoshi – tabby boy, Ginko – Grey girl)

Met a new friend :3

Worn out after that since it’s usually their nap time ^^; 

Time for a nap…

So adorable :) they tend to take long nap in the afternoon while we work, and wake up late at night AND very early morning ^^;

Awwwwwwww! Snuggle buddies! Saw this by chance and only had my phone camera with me lol

Thanks for staying with us! :D

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  1. rangerroh
    rangerroh says:

    Those pictures come out crisp and clear! Dang, I need purchase a new digital camera. The one I got is not cutting it anymore. I love the pictures of tree. Are they Sakuras?

  2. chun
    chun says:

    @Aeon hehe well lucky you didn’t go, traffic around Aberdeen was HORRID due to the easter weekend o_o

    @Gunstray thank you :D

    @garturo62 thank you :D

    @rangerroh well my DSLR is dying ;_; gotta save up for a new “body” ^^: and oh yes most of them are Sakuras (the pink ones esp)

  3. k
    k says:

    Hey Chun, what is that for your breakfast on a morning? coffee? or milk tea? if so how you make it? please share, thanks

  4. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    The spring flower photo makes me happy:) Never get tired of kitty pics a daily dose of cute!

  5. chun
    chun says:

    @Otaku Dan thanks! :D

    @k Oh! it’s milk tea :D It’s just Lipton yellow label tea ^^; usually either with sugar and milk, or if we run outta milk we’ll use condensed milk ^o^

    @FatB hehe it really depends, I think feral cats had it tougher ^^;

    @chibinezumi Glad you like the pictures :D

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