Many days in random photos

It feels like I have been neglecting my blog for a bit, sorry about that! I was looking back in my photos folder and realised I have some photos backlogged ^^; so gonna share some today :)

Below is princess Ginko taking a nap :P photo taken by my husband I think!

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A few days in – random stuff

Wow, I just realised I haven’t posted here for a while! O_O Even my husband was posting a lot more than I am these days ^^; And also looks like the Tokyo loot pix have to wait a bit ^^; I already have a backlog of photos of random stuff which I will post now ^^;

I’ll start this post with some photo dump of our furkids on a warm afternoon in our living room. The heat reminds me of Asia, only slightly dryer — not as muggy?

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Hot summer day results completed ^^/

Happy Canada Day!
Actually had work most of today, but took a little time off to colour my hot summer day ;P

Currently the creation has been saved into Gallery page, but for now you can click on the image below to access the full image ^^/

And of course not to forget the full sized version of Gordonator‘s mascot, also saved onto the Fan art section of the Gallery page, but accessible via here for now ^^/

Commission work – Mascot of Gordonator Part 3

Herru, felt like long time no blog ^^; Over the weekend, husband helped me reinstall my laptop’s OS, and that took a little bit longer to finish up.

On a better note, Gordon‘s “million dollar” mascot is finally somewhat completed. Unfortunately other than the million dollar fund transfer, my promised blythe doll in the mail has not arrived yet… (just kidding! :P) So I won’t be showing the full version just yet :P
Will be hammering out some details over e-mail later on :3

None art related tumblr post (food ahead warning :P)

Commission work – Mascot of Gordonator Part 2

Finally made a bit of time to colour Gordon‘s “million dollar” mascot between work stuff ^^;
I left the stuff I don’t like to colour to the last (groan) will be trying to work on it more when I get a chance to ^^; Will probably do some tweaking as I go along ^^;

okay back to work work x_x

Commission work – Mascot of Gordonator

Made a deal with the gordonator to draw his blog’s mascot for one million dollars… (LOL)

Once in a while when I feel inspired (or need some extra cash on the side), I do take commissions for illustration work. Pricing varies with the amount of details, whether or not there’s colouring, background involved, how soon it is needed — meaning the the more work/less time given for me to finish = I charge more etc etc. I do commission work a lot less these days as I am quite busy with my work with cartoondollemporium.

I know some of my artist friends open”slots” every other month open to have people commission them to draw some artwork, but I have not really done anything like that just yet. Other than work based illustrations I would like to have time to draw my own drawings ^^; This is when I wish I have 3 more drawing arms to help me out :P

Okie I won’t babble on ^^; Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend :)