Strida Mini

What do you do when you don’t want to be slow baked at home without air con on a hot summer weekend?

1) You go check out foldable bike at a bike store you normally don’t go to!

Seriously tho, I had been having laptop trouble for a few weeks now, and just last weekend husband had to help me install a new hard drive (and restore all my stuff),  as I heard some random ticking sound which is different from the normal ticking only last week.

2) So while it takes quite a few hours (total of about half a day+) to copy/reinstall/restore stuff, in between that we went out to run errands and do some stuff which we had been meaning to do for a while now! :P One of the thing was to check out Strida, a foldable bike which was brought to my attention by  a friend back in Singapore.  Apparently after some googling seems that only JV Bike in Vancouver carries Strida ^^;

(above image of Strida Mini from JV Bike‘s website)

I swear, my friend pushes Strida like it’s a drug! He apparently rides it to work, about an hour each way thru park connections! (Which is really cool, and even his wife has a Strida! ;P).

3) The shop has them on display in shop and to our pleasant surprise they encouraged us to test drive it. I have to submit a credit card and an ID, but that’s fine, not like I have to pay up front ^^;

I was a bit worried at first as I have not touched a bicycle for many years (lost count), my family have a foldable bike back home in Singapore, but it is definitely different from Strida. My friend had warned me that Strida is actually not for everyone as the steering is not the same. So I guess it is a good idea to try it out in person to find out if it’s the bike for us :)

4) The funny thing was since I am kinda short, we found out that I can only ride the Strida Mini with the seat at the lowest setting ^^;;;; I tried to but I just couldn’t ride the standard Strida, as even with the seat set as lowest, I was on tippy toes which is not good if I am on a bumpy road ^^; luckily I did not fall flat on my face. ^^;;;

5) And of course my husband had to take some goofy photos (and a couple videos) of me wobbling around when I was testing the bike out ^^; It definitely felt like I was learning how to ride a bike again!

6) The shop assistant recommended that we try out 2 other different type of foldable bikes too, and we did. We agree with him that the other bicycles feels more like a regular bike. They were a bit more stable, but also a bit heavier and more fiddly to fold up ^^;

7) Verdict: We like Strida!  It’s very compact, has greaseless belt drive, folds up quickly, and it’s cute…. Need to save up for it tho ^^; Goofy video, courtesy of my husband :P

Now that computer is fixed, it’s back to work time…. ^^;;;;

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  1. Koshiko
    Koshiko says:

    Ahh, moe~ lol, couldn’t help but giggle xD;

    Glad you got your computer fixed, I have to upgrade mine as I’ve had since 2002 orz… I want to get back into digital art but I can’t do anything bigger than A6 @ 300dpi atm u_u~

  2. yamada
    yamada says:

    ahh bring back memories when I was a kid having this kind of bike,I really miss riding a bike *whisper* cause my mom don’t want me to ride it anymore ^^;; Congrats on your fixed computer(?) ^^;;

  3. chun
    chun says:

    I guess your mom is worried you may hurt yourself ^^; you can’t ride it in a park? and thanks ^^ hopefully it’d be trouble free for a while ^^;

  4. YuKi-To
    YuKi-To says:

    nice but expensive bike >.<
    this may be embarrasing, but I still haven’t learnt how to ride a bike yet XD
    I can rollerblade/ice-skate though ^^;

  5. Aquilla
    Aquilla says:

    I think folding bikes are great. A lot of people ride them in my area and a lot of people who normally wouldn’t keep a full size bike have them too. I personally prefer a traditional bike, but I’ve never seen a bike like the strida before.

    I love the video. When I first started riding a bike again, I was like that too xD I hadn’t rode a bike in over 10 years so it was like learning all over again!

  6. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    Moe Rider! The weeble wobbling did it, that was too cute :D Looks like a good compact idea, but the price O_O but it is true there are much more expensive bikes. at least this one can be stored in a trunk or maybe locker? also the design looks comfortable. Do not have enough safe biking routes in my neck of the woods or would consider this ^^

  7. chun
    chun says:

    hehe the strida is very interesting and cool, I’m actually not sure if I will actually get it, a bit worried I won’t use it enough to justify it and it is probably dangerous to ride on the road ^^; the good thing about “learning again” is that it’s usually faster to get hang of it XD

  8. chun
    chun says:

    LOL I am glad I din fall over and damage the bike and hurt myself! o_o this one can be store so quickly and is so compact that we kinda fell in love with it XD Would be nice to have some $ to get it in future ^^/

  9. Saku
    Saku says:

    oh my gosh $850 XD.

    Tickling sound is usually a bad omen especially if it comes for the HDD, your HDD is most likely about to fail -_-;; but glad you got everything sorted out

  10. RyoBase
    RyoBase says:

    hmm…Imagine when riding this on the hill, you will fall over backward and then come back to original position. Safety feat. of this triangle bike.

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