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Very honored to be credited for my small work in culture japan X3! Got kind permission from Danny to post about the credit LOL!

Mirai in her Retrograde Suit illustrated by Square Enix lead designer Skan Srisuwan. Of course the main bulk of the entire work was done by Skan Srisuwan san, I just did some editing to Mirai’s face ^^;> For more info and larger images on Mirai Millennium check out Danny’s post :)

puppy52 in the ending credits XD! Mirai from the Moekana hiragana learning series by Ikkyu-san.

I have previously done some illustration related work with Danny san as well~ Below are a few :3

Maid mirai + mirai-curry

Maid mirai wallpaper

Working with Mirai~!


A refresher image: had the great pleasure to work with Danny  Choo on theWinter Uniform Design for Mirai Suenaga chan <3 Also was commissioned to make the dollfie dream version ^^/

Thanks for the mention of the past year’s pumpkins lol every year during the pumpkin patch season, the bright orange always reminds us of Danny’s site colours :D

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