Tried doing a video capture of a very quick Sai doodle test :3 The clip is around 7 minutes long.  I forgot to hit resume recording some point in time LOL And yes I did not put sound, please play your own favorite music :P

Please view in you tube to see the movie at full HD size ^^/

Thanks radient dreamer for the idea/inspiration to try video capture out – I also kinda dunno what I’m really doing LOL!

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10 Responses to Video capture

  1. kodomut says:

    I know if I had to do something like this, I”ll be alt-tabbing half to time to facebook, twitter, gmail.

    I was laughing when I saw you redraw the head of your signature 3 times! ^^

  2. Edward says:

    Thanks for making this Chun. It was fun to watch. I sure someone has asked before but do you feel Sai is difficult to learn? I want to try when I get Windows 7 and a new tablet.

  3. chun says:

    lol I was definitely distracted a bit when I was making it ^^; and LOL yes :P

  4. chun says:

    Oh! Sai just have different short cut keys to get used to in my personal opinion. It reminds me a bit of Painter (another program I used to use). ^^ I still have not completely discover all the secrets of Sai, but that’s what makes it more interesting :)

  5. i-pup (Jun) says:

    Nice XD
    im also using Sai which is really very cool tool..
    Btw by any chance you got pixiv acc? =D

  6. chun says:

    ^^ I love Sai, so light and the effects are fantastic :D I have Pixiv account but I am not 100% sure how to use it yet lol!

  7. chun says:

    and ah okay posted an old piece there for now lol

  8. i-pup (Jun) says:

    Thx.. ive added you =D

  9. TAKET0MB0 says:

    This was a tonne of fun to watch and see how you work, and the result is so sweet looking! c:

  10. chun says:

    Thank you! :) I am glad you liked it! :3 unfortunately my laptop does not have enough resourses to video capture the higher resolution pieces, but I’ll try to at least video capture some of the lower resolution stuff in future ^^/

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