Lady Centaur

Worked on Lady Centaur from the previous post a bit ^^
having a headache so probably will stop here for now ^^; The weather these days has been so weird, I probably got the headache from getting too much wind on my head =_=;

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  1. gordon
    gordon says:

    hope your headache is beeter now after a good night rest. ^^

    she looks like a tough centaur. don’t mess with her guys. ^^;

  2. Panther
    Panther says:


    My turn to have headaches now. Two consecutive days of photography out in the sun and moving around is getting to me. Late nights too thanks to coverage.

  3. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    mizunaga domo!

    gordon hmm today is a bit better, sometimes I can somewhat predict when I will get a headache o_o; I guess with a horse’s body stuff like kicking can be deadly lol

    panther domo and eek drink more water? maybe dehydration ^^; are U having fun every single minute like gordon thanks to diabolo? lol

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