Happy Halloween!

I’m a bit late with the pumpkin carving LOL It’s already halloween in some countries ^^; Have a safe and fun one everyone who celebrate it :D

but here’s a slightly quick art ^^;/ Click on it for a larger image :D

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Merry Christmas 2010!

Nao in colour!

Coloured very very quickly in Sai ^^; Text added in photoshop :)

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Puppy Love Strawberry

A quick doodle inspired by the strawberry season :)

Where’s the strawberry?

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Phew, been more than a week since I posted any entry ^^;/ Below are a couple rough doodles I did with my finger on the husband’s new toy… Can you guess what it is? :P

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Moe Passion Mascot fan art

Took a break from other stuff I working on to do a quick CG submission for the Moe Passion Artwork contest held by punynari san ^o^

Click image below to view a larger version

Quite happy with how she turned out even tho it’s done pretty quickly ^^; I thought she looked cute without wings too so included a wing-less version under the cut :3

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Mirai curry

One other thing I really enjoy drawing/painting a lot is food, so when I got a shout from Danny to paint the curry (and Mirai’s arm into place) for Mirai-chan’s curry I of course jumped at the chance to do so!

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A doodle and etc

Yikes, just realised haven’t blogged in a bit, just been busy trying to sort stuff out and settle in. Boy, it’s only when we down size then we realised we have a lot of stuff lol!

Haven’t really drawn seriously in a bit, the recent sketches of Mirai chan on reminded me ^^; Not much time to colour personal stuff yet, so here is the black and white pencil sketch for now ^^;/

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Cat girl art, spring and cats…

Nyah? Haven’t posted new art for a while I know (Nyoron~ ^^;) need.. moar… arms…. ^^;;;
I’ll update this into my gallery later on ^^; I did a couple more sketches but they were rather rough and also after an update recently my computer is refusing to work with the scanner (grrr!) I only managed to get this cat girl drawing into the computer by taking a picture then adjusting in photoshop, then open in Sai to clean up + CG ^^ Hope you like!

This image was inspired by Big box and Maru ^o^! I recommend you watch until the very end of the video LOL I dunno how the person who took the video managed not to laugh out loud XD!

Click image below for full view

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Mio Akiyama fan art completed

Took a bit longer to finish this one up as I decided to add some detail to the instrument she was holding (ahem). Her bass guitar was drawn in Flash, exported into PNG file then paste into photoshop and lightly edited.  Previous line art progress here.

Click on image below to access full view, please note full view image is likely NSFW since there’s nudity — despite being conservatively nude :P

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Art and such

Art posts are long overdue I know ^^; Also finally updated some of the previously coloured art into the Gallery.

Click on the image below to access the full view or go to the Gallery ^^/

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