Japanese Yatai (屋台)

It was one of those evenings when we were out and about, feeling itchy to munch on something. Ended up finally checking out Bakutanyaki Tenku.

It was a cold chilly evening, we were lucky that they were still open when we went, as they had changed to winter hours: 12 pm to 8 pm.

There was a ramen and sushi cone mobile stall as well ^^ but we did not try those this time.

After a short wait, our order of Curry and Original Bakutanyaki is ready!

They are served in a “Chinese take out box”, with a sticker label on one side, chopsticks and napkin slotted on the side. What is Bakutanyaki? Check their website to find out ^^/

Yummy :3! I would describe it as a large round savory pancake ball? :P It was quite mushy inside, there was even a whole quail’s egg :9~

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  1. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    oh I remember hearing about this place from someone (maybe it was you!) I need to go, which flavour is the best?

  2. chun
    chun says:

    lol I cannot remember if I ever told you before or not XD Hmmm I only tried one flavor, so I can’t say but what I had (the original) was pretty yummy ^o^

  3. Maqywhaq
    Maqywhaq says:

    I was there over the summer a few times, but I personally feel that the Sushi and Ramen were probably the best of the selections there… Not sure how the stock works out, as they were doing a chuuka hiyashi ramen thing(cold ramen w/ toppings), but the noodles were pretty good.

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