Strida mini on a bike date

Went on a bike date with Mai chan on a cloudy weekday たのしいかた!Despite how the weather looks kinda yucky, it turned out to be a perfect cycling weather in my opinion!  Thank you for coming out and teaching me the route!!! ^o^

I wish I was able to tie a camera to my head or something, I wanted to take pictures of everything! But I was already slow on the small bike haha! So it won’t work if I keep stopping everytime I wanted to XD Thanks Mai for being so patient >_<;!! Mai’s phone camera took some pretty neat photos I think!

I brought Mokotan and a couple little wandas along with me :P Mai brought a tiny budgerigar figure, kawaii! ^o^

This bike trip was to test how far I can take the Strida mini :P I would say it’s pretty good, I need more practice to gain better control tho ^^;

2nd stop…. toilet break for me LOL

This is not really a break, more like there was a path where we have to dismount :P so I took a chance to take a photo XD

I was in awe of how close we were to the Lion’s gate bridge!

Too bad I was on the wrong side lol

After this we ride a long some more beautiful scenary, but along the way almost to the destination… I fell LOL!!!

It was a stupid way to fall too, not because I was avoiding to crash with someone or whatever, but because there were 3 cyclist (tourists I think) they were stopping on the side, and all three were looking back — perhaps waiting for someone… and I got stressed out, went too fast and fell :P Luckily I only scraped my knee… Sorry to freak Mai out ^o^;;;; I think I felt more bad about that than my scrape LOL! I think Mai will forever see me falling in slow motion off my tiny bike for a long time ^^;

After rather long bike ride, we had to fill our belly :P Thanks for the bandaid Mai! ^^;/

The weather has been strange… the plants are confused ^^; The hydrangeas are blooming like it is spring time!

All in all, the ride was good (until I fell LOL) But I blame my bad skills for falling, the bike ride was generally smooth and fun.  I also learnt that I don’t have enough power to go up hill :P I was able to ride the transit, run errands — mailed a letter before I went to downtown… took the sky train… very little problems in those aspects :)

To see some more doll related pictures, you can check out the related doll blog entry :)

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    awww! Well the bike routes here still can be improved too tho I feel, some of the routes were quite narrow, and when there were a lot more people on the path, it can get a bit more dangerous ^^; Sometimes when I am rolling down oarts if the path, I feel a bit scared I was going to go off the cliff or into the sea LOL!

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