Holiday food abuse

Yup food abuse ^^; sorry this post is not vegetarian friendly ^^;

Holiday season means lots of cooking, eating and cleaning, as I was in front of the stove most of the time, these photos are taken by my husband on his NEX 5N with a macro lens ^^/

The star of the dinner that night was beef steak… cooked by my sis in law. ^o^

Gosh, it was so good, and you might not believe me if I told you it’s just seasoned with salt on each side and then pan fried to perfection on medium high heat with a little oil on a non stick pan… ^^; A pair of thongs is used to poke/press the surface of the steak as it cooks, to make sure it doesn’t get too hard, as that means a tough piece of meat ^^;

The fat on the meat will melt into the pan, giving the meat more flavor, and you may need to wear a pair of gloves to prevent the fat/grease from spattering onto your sleeves/hand/arms as you cook ^^;

Steak was bought on the same day, taken out of the fridge to reach room temperature — to relax the meat before cooking (don’t leave it out too long tho!), while I prepare the side dishes of mushroom, onion and green beans and carrot sticks.

We have 2 birthdays in the family to celebrate in December, so it meant moar food abuse other than Christmas/New year  lol, but this is definitely a note worthy meal to document :P

After cooking, you let the steak rest for a little bit before eating, as eating it immediately will be a bit too hot, and the juices might run out causing meat to be dry I think?


It’s quite a large piece of meat, I end up eating about half and the rest was packed lunch XD

Thanks for looking! :3 Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Ducky Momo
    Ducky Momo says:

    That looks so good @.@

    *drooling* You’re killing me Chunnnn XD

    Happy New YEar ~ Wish u the best :X
    LOoking forward to see your new drawings

  2. yaku
    yaku says:

    A good piece of meat doesn’t need anything but a bit of salt :D The reason why there are so many sauces developed for barbecue is because the meat itself is not that good, so needs to compensate (where did I hear that before :P)

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