Nikkoffee Cafe and Me Cafe

One evening not that long ago, we checked out 2 small cafes in a row…

First we have Nikkoffee, a relatively new cafe which I discovered online by accident. It was quite quiet the evening we went, but could be partly due to that the parking situation is not very good ^^; If you decide to check them out, do call ahead to inquire about their menu and such, sometimes they hold gatherings there and their place is rather small…

I actually went there again the following day as a small doll meet was being held there :3

Nice decor ^^

Cute uniform too!!! Please note they’re not the type of “Maid cafes” like the type we read about in Japan XD The staff are polite tho ^^

The drink was quite good but I can’t remember what flavor I ordered LOL could be Mango?

Mushroom puff pastry soup, quite yummy ^^

Husband’s order of dip with sausage and bits of toast, the sauce was rather spicy ^^;

My order of a chicken lemon something sandwich which comes with a side of pasta and pretzels…

The food looks so cute, I had to take some pix of different angles etc :P

Too bad pasta was cold — not sure if that’s deliberate? And a bit strange to have Pretzels ^^;

Looks pretty tho :P

Still feeling a bit peckish, we went to a different place called Me cafe afterwards, just to check it out as well, it’s a place where you can pay to read manga for a few hours, or if you ordered food and drinks, you can read the manga too. They also have themed rooms which can be booked ahead for gatherings ^^ For some reason I felt that the server who was tending to us was looking at us a bit funny (could be that I’m a bit too sensitive) but otherwise the surroundings is really cool~

Peek into one of the rooms…

Funny names for some of the drinks XD

Weird tasting rose tea? ^^;

I ordered Mango ice cream on waffle bowl :P too bad it didn’t come with fruits as shown in the photos on the menu ^^;

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  1. Spark90
    Spark90 says:

    I’m very impressed at how clean and organized these places are! Didn’t know there were restaurants like this in Canada, I would have figured there would be some in Hawaii, but not yet…

  2. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Ooooh! Me Cafe sounds interesting! I really should’ve tried something that’s not just sweet at Nikkoffee >_< I wonder if I can get unlimited time there if I donate some of my manga at Me Cafe XD Are they in English, Japanese or other language? I'd be interested in doing that :D

  3. chun
    chun says:

    Oh you can request them for less sugar in your drink! By the way I went again to Nikkoffee and their cheesecake is really good (in my opinion!) I would likely go back again for their cheese cake :P I actually am not sure what language is their manga, you may want to call to check I didn’t pick up any manga to read cos we were mainly there to scope it out, and hang out with a friend ^^; The person I called seem to only speak cantonese tho ^^; so hopefully someone will be helpful to you when you call?

  4. Kaionlriu
    Kaionlriu says:

    Thanks for the post!
    Oh man those are some awesome drink names at Me Cafe. I want to try GTO.
    Do you know if the place is Japanese run?
    I was talking to lightningsabre today and thinking of organizing a tweetup somewhere.

  5. chun
    chun says:

    and nope those 2 places are not japanese run, they seem to be run by chinese? ^^; at Nikkoffee I think maybe taiwanese and one of the guys sounds like he might be from china (his accent feels like it), the girls might be local taiwanese perhaps. As for Me cafe, I think the girl who tended to us is likely chinese from china, there’s a guy at the front he didn’t talk at all so I have no idea where he’s from lol. I wonder if you really want to do a tweet up, maybe aberdeen center food court? more open? I dunno ^^; cos for a large group of people (depends on how many people attend) it’s a bit tricky for those 2 places I think

  6. Kaionlriu
    Kaionlriu says:

    I’m not very experienced in these sort of social gathering events because I’ve never done any before but I want to try.
    I was thinking of just inviting a few (at most 10) people from me and lightningsabre’s twitter and just going to a cafe or something. you should come too XD.
    sill trying find some kind of activity/thing to do though

  7. chun
    chun says:

    OIC, well hmmmm IF you guys wanna do nikkoffee you have to call ahead and book ahead of time– safest, the place is not very big… for me, I’ll probably only attend if I don’t have something already planned, summer is kinda busy ^^;; as for activities… maybe bring figma/nendoroid to take pix and make it that kinda meet? — there, one activity! Only if people are comfortable with that tho… cos I know some people are collectors who don’t want to damage their collections ^^; you could ask LS about what other ideas he has too :P

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