Taking photos of dollfie dream outdoors is quite a work out ^^;

Usually other than the doll(s), will need to carry camera/equipment and some miscellaneous stuff, I end up putting my doll in a tote bag most of the time since it is light weight – easy to take out / put the doll away quickly without having to struggle and fiddle with zips and closures ^^;

Some photos of me taking doll photos, taken by meganezaru75 when we were in Japan ^^/

Sometimes, in order to take a different angle of our dolls, we may end up doing strange poses unknowingly XD

Below is a photo by Danny XD

Blurry photo of me and Danny ^^; by my husband, reminds me a bit of inception? XD

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2 Responses to Outdoor dolly photography

  1. Shizuo says:

    Hooo, there is danny!

  2. chun says:

    hehehe yes XD

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