Strida Mini through rainclouds!

Went out to meet a friend, but managed to experience riding through rain o_o, good thing is managed to take some lovely photos :3

So glad the rain stopped when I had to go home :P

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Strida mini on a bike date

Went on a bike date with Mai chan on a cloudy weekday たのしいかた!Despite how the weather looks kinda yucky, it turned out to be a perfect cycling weather in my opinion!  Thank you for coming out and teaching me the route!!! ^o^

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Beautiful Portland USA 1 – flight and hotel

Due to BlytheCon 2011 which happened last monday on the 20th June 2011, I had the chance to experience beautiful Portland in USA! Heartfelt thanks to the lovely Blythe people who made this trip possible! :)

It was my first time in Portland and I wasn’t sure what to expect, except I hear great things about it from people who visited it before :) I was very lucky that I had Jade (bluestarbaby on flickr/bluestardolls blog)  who was able to take me around to places she had been to, and she was awesome to room and share food with :P

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Painting a 3D head

I apologise for the lack of activity here, have been busy, to the point that haven’t been drawing much NOR sewing much ^^; The closest I get to “draw” is this recent project which was in progress little by little. What is that project? Here’s a clue :P

**Warning: doll head pix under the cut, so if you’re not a fan of dolls or is disturbed by bald doll heads, I would suggest you not look ^^;

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