Showa Kinen Koen – bike rental

We went to Showa Kinen Koen again during our last trip and decided to rent a bike to get around the HUGE park more efficiently. ^^

Entrance fee for adult was only 400 yen ^^/

We went there by JR train, you can find information at [Access] on their website.

The bike rental was a good experience, and I would definitely do it again! It was a very windy day when we went, so the park wasn’t very crowded? It could also be that it was a weekday during the day we went (7 May, tuesday)

Bike rental is very reasonable compared to what we have here ^^; We even paid the late fee as we spent more than 3 hours in the park, and it was still cheaper than bike rental in around where we live… ^^;

Saw a couple stray cats just before we headed off on our bikes :)

We biked out and decided on a sheltered place (see below) to have some onigiri (rice balls) we bought from the Family Mart for lunch! :9

We parked our bikes close by at a designated area for parking, I love that the lock is build into the bike and we just needed to lock and hold onto the key :)

The bike I chose was easy to ride and change gears too, I wish I can own one back here! ^^

Yummm, chicken mayonnaise :3

I bought a bottle of water too, and the bottle cap is cool :P All bottle caps should be made like this!

One other type of bike available, for couples? :)


Definitely want to do this again!


Came across a tea room, and definitely recommending the tea set, the beautiful dessert below came with the tea, oiishi deshita ^^!

Some point in time bluestarbaby took her doll out and have her ride on the basket lol

Random sights ^^

Husband braving the crazy dust storm in picture below :P


You can check out the doll related photos at the doll blog entry here! ^^/