Strida Mini adventures 2

Needed to run some errands today, and after that decided to take Strida Mini and my Dollfie Dream out for some quick snaps outdoors… Would prefer to go out when it’s a bit cloudy and slightly cooler, BUT the sky is quite magnificent on a sunny day!

This path, part way I have to share the road, I wasn’t very confident so sometimes I ride on the sandy and bumpy trail :P

Saw a lot more green by the water than expected…

The beach here we don’t see as much flat sandy surface ^^; It’s either rocks, logs, or shrubs lol

Discovered a mini fortress, didn’t go too close as there were some people there, maybe sunbathing? ^^;

Zoom in, too bad the wind was not strong enough to show the flag XD

So… it seems that I managed to go a bit closer to those purple flowers farm land…

Hmmm should have gone closer haha I didn’t want to be caught or yelled at for stepping into the farm tho ^^;;;

No poles to rest Strida Mini on, so I put her down on the grass :P

Hmmm I wonder if I can have a detachable seat for Dollfie Dream on my bike somehow :P

Hope you enjoyed my recent Strida Mini adventures :P

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