When I saw the new sketch by Yuko Azami sensei, I had to try my hand at colouring Mirai!
I ended up making a flash doll (well partly for practice with the flash coding, it is still a little bit messy– the coding that is ^^; ).

Be warned: the full picture has her panties showing, so it is probably not be safe for viewing at work! ^^;

Click the text links below to view:
Flash version / Still version

Also updated into Gallery page ^^
Original sketch by Azami sensei here (Panty warning as well!)

Okay gotta get some lunch and continue with other work, laters!

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4 Responses to Mirai flash doll fan art!

  1. gordon says:

    yummy! danny are u reading this! u got to feature this on your site! ^^;

    and oh my, is that a dolphin?

  2. puppy52doll says:

    yes that is an innocent little dolphin dechu….


  3. gordon says:

    i love it! i like the maid costume the most. i also like it when the mouse move over and click on her er… nevermind. ^^;

  4. puppy52doll says:

    gordon LOLOLOL ecchi!

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