One of the first doodles of 2009

I drew a few artwork earlier this month, wondering which to pick for the first post in this new blog. This one I’m showcasing now was one of them. Currently still in the “planning what colour to use” stage, hence the flat-ness :) Couldn’t resist adding a hint of blush tho ;)

I was trying to update the other sections of the gallery BUT I encountered a strange bug :P when I added a bunch of thumbnails my widgets and links on the side bar is pushed all the way to the bottom ^^; SO, gotta have hubs check it later on, sorry for the delay ^^;/

So how’s the snow+ice situation these days? I’ll let photos do the talking…

Due to the low temperatures in winter, the dirty ice/slush is taking it’s time to melt away… so we often see these random sightings of random chunks of ice/snow outside.


The trees are all bare by now, my husband says they’re sleeping :)


I find it strange that when the ice is moved, for some reason it has to be blocking  the pavement ^^;

There’s not much light these days, so it’s a bit difficult to take indoor pix, so here’s a mucky picture of the flowers a guest brought during our last party at home :3


Some food pix up ahead! ^^; You be warned!

Home made potato croquettes with cheese inside from left over mashed potatos :3 the crust is made from crushed cornflakes ^^

Japanese curry :3

Ketchup fried rice ^^

Tomorrow have a guest coming over, gonna make curry ^O^

Have a nice weekend everyone! :3

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  1. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    Pretty! You’d easily win the Gaia art arena again haha xD

    lol@ random mounds of ice :B

    Ahh i’m so hungry now! It’s like 2AM here already ^^;;

  2. Edward
    Edward says:

    Glad to see most of the snow gone where you are chun. We keep getting more and more of the stuff. orz…

    Oh wow… croquettes, curry and fried rice. *shows up at chun’s door with fork in hand* ^o^

  3. chun
    chun says:

    @Danny lol hope U found some noms ^^;

    @Mimi lol I kinda too busy to lioter around Gaia these days =_=;;; That’s why the warning before food pix lol! Sometimes I fall to my own trap >_<; @Aquilla thanks! :D @Gordon lol I was actually kinda inspired by one of the Suenaga sisters' mouth expression ^^ @Pyoro I hope it's not the bad kind of diabolical? LOL and thanks :) @Edward Gya hope U stay warm ^^;;; It's still rather cold these days >_<; Lemme know if U ever visit canada lol

  4. Koshiko
    Koshiko says:

    She looks like a mermaid~ :3 Groovy colours Puppy xD

    The big hunk of snow kinda looks like Muk from pokemon, lol~

    And the potato croquettes look so yum~! And the rice too and and… now I’m hungry orz…

    Maybe your column gets stretched too wide and pushes the widgets down? I play around with my div widths when that happens xD;

  5. chun
    chun says:

    @Tommy ^^; I love potato! lol and thankq :D

    @Koshiko Thanks :D perhaps it is because she is laying on her belly? ^^ lol didn’t know there’s a pokemon character who looks like a chunk of snow o_o; Sorry to make you hungry ^^;

    My husband actually found out what caused the bug, some extra div tags ^^;

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