Japan 2011 – day pass

on 18th Nov 2011 (friday) we decided to go to a few places in closer proximity within Tokyo, so we got a day pass. We ordered a 7 day JR pass exchange when we were not in Japan yet, but we have not activated it yet as we were intending to use it to get out of Tokyo on the shinkansen.

Getting a 730 yen day pass (which you can get from the ticketing machine — they have an English option as well) was a better option than just blindly swiping our suica lol!

We managed to cover Ueno, Asakusa and then Akihabara then back to our lodgings ^^;

Of course I have to bring a doll with me :P for photos of Aki at Ueno park, check it here. I took her to the Volks show room and had about 10 minutes to take photos before closing lol!

Ginko trees~

Stray cat in Ueno park XD

Delicious Takoyaki snack after Ueno, went to this rather long market street – Ameyayokocho – with lots of shops selling food, fish, clothes, shoes and bags.. ^^; This one has hard boiled eggs topping on it! So good! Very hot inside tho, be careful if you eat it XD

Hard work making them!

Sensouji at Asakusa, husband took some lovely photos there ^^/

Huge egg spotted

Teaser for Akihabara show room ;D

ok gotta get ready to head out, laters!

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  1. FatB
    FatB says:

    Thanks for the pics. Looks like you’re having a great time.
    I had the 7 day pass. They’re great. I ended up in places I never thought I would.

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