Spring Carnival

Me and husband were invited by Jade to go take photos at the Richmond Carnival at Landsdowne on Sunday evening.

It was a good distraction of sort, but it was bitterly cold holding onto LX3 — my fingers felt like they are gonna drop off any moment ^^; — forgot to wear gloves ^^; But we know that being out in the cold for just an hour or two is nothing compared to what the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan are experiencing… We are also worried about our friends who live in Japan, and hoping for all the best with what’s going on now ^^;/ Ganbatte Nippon!

All these photos are taken with LX3 some with manual settings ^^

Funky photoshop job :P we noticed the food doesn’t look like the images ^^;

I didn’t take any rides this time, but I personally think this zipper has to be the most crazy one I seen around ^^;

This one goes quite high up, but I think as it spins, I suspect it may be somewhat relaxing, unless you’re afraid of heights ^^;

This one was spinning slower than expected :P

Kinda like the blow up hammers :P

I want one of those frogs please :P

Also want one of these mini bikes :P

Finally started to get dark

Some of my favorite photos

Especially this one!

Started to muck around with manual mode around this time:

Long exposure is fun ^o^

I didn’t use a tripod so my photos are not the sharpest

Some photos turned out okay after many shoots…

This one’s name made me think about Mai XD

Another crazy ride, don’t get on that on a full stomach :P

Awesome effects!

This year, the weather was at least not rainy, so making it a lot easier to take photos, we saw many people with camera equipment at the carnival for photo opportunities ^^

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  1. mezzo forte
    mezzo forte says:

    I’m glad you care about my country!

    Fortunately my family wasn’t struck by this earthquake. But TV news airs terrible pictures that cause us pain everyday. Even now we feel minor quake. The planned blackouts make a trouble on our work and living. We find out our helpless the hard way.

    Many countries give helping hands to Japan. On behalf of Japan, I would like to express our hearty thanks to you all. We cannot thank you too much for your help except our rehabilitation, I think.

    Wish me luck!

  2. chun
    chun says:

    Hi mezzo forte san! I am glad to see you are okay! And yes right now I am sure most of the news is about the disaster and the nuclear plant trouble.. I really hope this hard time will pass for all of you ^^;/ Ganbatte!

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