Mini cupcakes delivery

I invited a few friends over last week for a small doll meet and decided to order some mini cupcakes from the Spiritual Ingredients Bakery Ltd.

My husband and I had their lovely mini cupcakes before from the Steveston Farmer’s Market and were hooked :P

I almost wanted to bike out to collect them but I figure by the time I get home, the cupcakes probably won’t look like cupcakes anymore LOL! Also wanted to try out their delivery I guess :D

Later that day, I found out it was Alex the baker herself who kindly delivered the cupcakes :)

I think I skipped lunch so that I can indulge a bit :P They go super well with tea! :)

So I ordered Red velvet, Smores and Black forest :3

Everyone took pictures of these pretty little cupcakes before tucking in! haha!

Here are some other non doll related photos taken on the same day of the meet ^^/

Yoshi and Ginko enjoyed the variety of bags available for them to squirm into LOL! See the comic strips I draw of them weekly at! ;)

After stuffing our faces :P we went to check out the pumpkin patch near our place :D It was a spectacular afternoon!

We enjoyed the “sugar pies” pumpkins so much I got more to make soup with ^^;

The victim chosen to turn into soup lol  :P

Thanks bluestarbaby for the flowers, drink and snacks :D

Thanks for looking :P