Anime Evolution 2

Okay as promised, here’s part 2, and there will be more parts ^^; pictures are from different days and times ^^;

1) Most photos are taken by my husband unless stated otherwise ^^;/ Picture below taken on moving escalator LOL!

2) Kame Sen’nin/Master Roshi from Dragon Ball kindly obliged my husband’s request for poses lol


4) Hot ain’t it? Click for full view ^^

We pass by the same cosplayers once in a while as we walk rounds to see if we can find cool people to shoot, I get a shock when I heard the voice of the above person every time ^^;

5) I took this one on the day of setting up Gallery but happen to miss uploading it ^^;/ She’s an artist taking part in the Art Gallery too, I like her cosplay ^o^!

6) Yikes about the graininess ^^; Unfortunately lighting was meh ^^; Lookit the wings! The character she’s cosplaying is from Odin Sphere I think? Thanks Lene! She’s dressed as Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere.



9) One of my personal favourite lady cosplayers :D

10) Harro L~ Harro Misamisa~

11) Why so serious? LOL

12) My friend Cat’s 2nd cosplay – Estelle or Estelliese from Tales of Vesperia. And another cosplayer taking pix of her ^o^

13) A better shot lol

14) Outdoor shot ^o^

15) Hellsing – Seras Victoria

16) Cammy and Vega

17) Is it a final fantasy character? ^^; Thanks coffeebugg!  It’s Red13 from FF7

18) Not sure who’s next to Thanks Gunstray and Jackie! “The Spy” from Team Fortres 2 next to Tokunaga (the rag cat full suit)

19) Tokunaga

20) Seen this character before but not sure what it’s called ^^;
Thanks coffeebugg! The prince from Katamari Damacy

21) They were very tired I heard, but they kindly stood up and posed ^o^ thank you so much!

22) Name those characters time! Thanks coffeebugg! Ragnarok Online – Master Assassins



25) Pretty good Jack Sparrow cosplay!

26) Evangelion Rei and Asuka

27) Souped up Sailormoon?

28) Cleartranquil as Ike (Smash Bros)

29) Mirai got captured by cleartranquil wants a picture with him ^^;

30) My favourite Lolita girls <3

31) Chi? from Chobits

31) Cute girls :P


33) Random too bad a bit blurry ^^;

34) Staying hydrated is important ^^; especially for people in full suits ^o^;

35) Detroit Metal City

Moar coming!

Anime Evolution 1
Anime Evolution – sneaky peek

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  1. coffeebugg
    coffeebugg says:

    17) Is it a final fantasy character? ^^; – that would be red13 from FF7

    20) Seen this character before but not sure what it’s called ^^; – The prince from Katamari Damacy

    22) Name those characters time! – Ragnarok Online – Master Assassins

  2. Lene
    Lene says:

    6: Yup, that’s Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere! I love her character design ;_;

    Also, 27 has really nice Sailormoon cosplays. Double the Queen Serenity! :3

  3. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    LoL your husband got Kame Sennin to do the Kamehameha XD
    And you got the Asuka and Rei too! I got pics of them but very blurry >_< And Cat’s Estelle too… I saw her in that cosplay but I was in the Art Gallery so couldn’t take pictures then ^^;

  4. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    lol i thought the DMC guys were another kiss rip-off….
    jack sparrow takes the cake imo
    and there’s surprisingly a sizable number of asians cosplayers. i approve ^^
    oh and i so want that ear hat the guy on the left was wearing in pic number 34

  5. Michael Flux
    Michael Flux says:

    #10 – their heads look too big for their bodies :/ Look like bubblehead dolls :p well, thats what you get when you’re on the side of a wide angle lens :p

  6. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    wow! tons of great cosplayers! very partial to the hellsing so seras catches my eye the most. gwendolyn looks great and the lolita girls are adorable :) lol! that jack sparrow is very convincing!

  7. Saku
    Saku says:

    31) The left girl wore Night Class uniform in Vampire Knight. Not sure which character she was cosplaying as though.

    MCLOVIN says:

    Ahahaha #4 is me

    My outfit was embarrassing OTL
    Well as a dude you have to make due with what you have. My converse matched terribly with socks and baby doll dress. Rage.

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