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A lot of the drawings I recently make are little artwork which I try to include in packages I ship out to people who bought my sewing… I am actually not sure if I can do this long term — as in drawing something for each package, it slows down the packing process a lot too… *rubs chin* but we shall see ^^;

It does make me happy when people actually like my artwork. Below is a couple artwork which Alvin and Yu chan laminated and showed me in a photo ^o^

I like including something personal for friends I known for years tho :P below are a couple photo of doodles I cleaned up roughly and added a background in photoshop, they were drawn for a couple blythe friends I known for many years to include in their package XD

Sometimes I am inspired by something I see, otherwise I draw Blue and Paw, my more old time “mascot” type characters other than the puppy mascot :3

Random doodle inspired by some tweeting ahem

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  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    I adore the doodle I got from you! It sits where I can see it everyday!

    You know… if you are worried you will be unable to do them in the future, but still want to include them, you could get MOO business cards and include those. You can put a different image on each card, so you could take the digital pictures of the images you’ve already made, and just make a ton of MOO cards. It’s not quite the same as a hand drawn picture… but it’s still pretty darn awesome… and then you could put your business card info on the back!

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