Busy busy!

Had been rather busy the last few weeks mostly had to stay indoors despite the beautiful weather – I hope next week’s forecast of rain is not true (wahhh!)

One sunny day of last week, I managed to bike out and had a gelato at Timmy’s Frozen Yougurt in Steveston tho!

Too bad the guy who served me that time didn’t make a fresh waffle cone for me haha! It still taste good tho, like regular crispy waffle cones ^^ I was thinking about the gelato for a long time and biking out for it was satisfying :)

Too bad after having a waffle gelato, I have no room for Pajo’s fish and chips :P Haven’t had that in a long time!

Got cloudy at some point in time ^^;

I may have missed the ducklings season too, people have been cutting the grass short which makes it not suitable for the ducks to hide ^^; Last year around this time I had a friend visiting and we went out to Steveston Village too ^^/

On a different day, had shanghainese food at Shanghai House with husband and parents in law ^^

The food is generally quite tasty but we found that recent months their broth had gotten really salty :P It’s a real pity as we initially go there a lot as we felt that they don’t taste as salty as other restaurants we have been to…

Potstickers/guotie/chinese gyoza(?) the skin is kinda thick but it’s chewy with a slightly crispy bottom. ^^ be careful when it is just served, it’s hot and the hot “juice” from the meat filling can burn your tongue or squirt out lol

Yet another day, we went to a friend’s baby’s first birthday :D Went to pick up some Outpost Mini Donuts :9 They have a Mother’s day theme out on their display :)

Really cool cake made by baby’s Mommy :3 we get to draw/sign it ^o^

And the surprise came when the cake was cut open! Rainbow coloured lemon cake! Made with love until 3 am the night before ^^;

Okay I should get back to doing some work stuff, thanks for looking! ^^/

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  1. Ducky Momo
    Ducky Momo says:

    Woah u seem really busy aren’t u ?
    Don’t work too hard or u’ll get sick :D

    That rainbow cake is so cooollll ~~~

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