A day in Richmond

It had been a busy weekend! o_o;/
Finally have a little time to resize some photos and do little captions for the new segment in this blog :)

Most of this set of photos was taken last week, during the one day when I go help at my friend’s shop in the mall.

It happened to turn out to be a fine day (which I’m not complaining at all). Usually in Winter it’s very cold, cloudy and rainy and a lot less daylight, from what I remember of previous few years I lived here. But last week on that day it was even a little warm, when the sun was out for a few hours, which was why I am able to share pictures like his, since I do not have to hold on to my umbrella, bag and fiddle with the camera all at once.

I find that sometimes there’s a stray/abandoned shopping cart around the area in general, which is a possible indication that a bum “parked” it there :P I remember that I was told sometimes bums would collect recycleable items to get some spare change (not all do that tho).

Sometimes I wait for the bus around here, if it takes too long I’ll start walking. Buses in Richmond seems to be quite notorious for coming as and when they like to. So I could miss my bus if it decided to come a fraction of a minute earlier even if I ran to the bus stop…

I was lucky, bus was on time that day! (picture of a bus across the road)

There’s another bus to take to get to the mall but I prefer walking what’s left of the distance to the Mall. The trees are now all bald after all the rain and wind…

For some reason, only parts of the path is swept? So the rest of the way I see piles of dead leaves… Maybe they want to use it as fertilizers?

Sometimes I walked through 2 different malls before I get to the actual mall I work at :P
This is a strange little fountain I see, normally they would be kinda spitting water into each other’s mouth/faces… They had turned off the fountain since during winter, if the water freezes the pipes would be damaged ^^;

See the track between the building? Well they’re not connected to the buildings but they’re the sky train tracks, I happened to see a sky train (doing a test round) on it but was too slow to take a picture when it was still in sight ^^;

This Giordano is a rather new branch, if I didn’t remember wrong it was only around for about a year or so? Prices seems to be about the same as in Asia. But the styles seems to be more limited.

When I walked in, I came across a school band getting ready for performance, I took advantage of going to lunch to take a video of a bit of their performance :P

While about to tuck into my lunch, I saw a group of little birds settling down on a bare tree. I recalled being super hungry that afternoon so I ordered a combo(click to view food photo) at the White spot stall at the food court. Didn’t finish all of it tho, it’s a bit ironic as, if I ordered a small fries and drinks it’d cost me more than if I ordered a regular combo ^^; so food is wasted from saving money :P

So after lunch, I would continue shop watching, so the day could be busy or slow, sometimes I do some sketching or hand sewing when it’s super slow :P And depending on if we were running low I may do some grocery shopping for fresh vegetables later in the afternoon.

After work around 8.20pm-ish, hubs took me to one of our favorite restaurant for late night sushi ^^; our 2nd order :P Late night sushi usually means the prices of the sushi pieces are slightly discounted, since raw fish cannot be kept for too long without going bad. Our total came to about $21 CAD included tips/taxes. Sometimes we go to have Pho, or if I cooked a lot the night before we’ll go home to eat. :)

After we get home, we usually have to do garbage — collect our trash of the last couple days in our home and put them into a larger bag and trash can that night. Garbage collectors usually come the next morning to collect the trash.

Since we own a fat cat (see above, take note: photo is deceiving) and 2 hamsters, I would clean the hamster’s cage and hubs will clean the cat’s litter box, it can be quite tiring to do so after a long day lol!

I remember in Singapore back at my parent’s apartment flat, there would be a rubbish chute in the kitchen under the sink, where people throw their tied up plastic bags of garbage down. But when the chute door is opened, we could smell garbage if the wind blows upwards (ew!)

I have another set of photos taken, but I’ll leave it for next time :) Hope you enjoyed this new segment! Meanwhile, if you like photos like this, you can check out my tumblr first, but be warned there’s PLENTY of food pictures on my tumblr ^^;
Thanks for looking!

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  1. aquilla429
    aquilla429 says:

    That last picture of meow is just so precious, he’s so lovely. I love your shoes too, they look sooo comfy.

    I love seeing when people do photo days like this, they’re so fun to read and see different places that I otherwise may never be exposed to.

  2. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    aquiilla429 Heh he’s deceivingly cute, he can be quite naughty sometimes ^^; And my shoes are REALLY comfy, they’re great for walking! :D I also enjoy photo days, I like taking pictures of every single thing ^^; Also enjoy seeing others’ photo days with the same reasons you gave!

  3. ClearTranquil
    ClearTranquil says:

    Wow I didn’t know you were so close to me...I live in White Rock haha. Richmond is great but I don’t venture there often...I usually pass it right by if I’m heading downtown or to UBC or something.

  4. meimi132
    meimi132 says:

    I like ‘days out’ posts. They’re nice to see.

    That cat is soooo gonna get the lolcatted someday.

  5. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    meimi132 Hehe it’s way easier to take pix when it’s not rainy! I wonder if it’ll snow this year here ^^; It would be an honour if meow got LOLcatted!

  6. Persocom-san
    Persocom-san says:

    And it’s raining here right now. Cool pictures, it’s nice to see, and you got a fat cat too eh? We should weigh our cats and see just heavy they really are XD Maybe some day I’ll do a photo walk around this dumpy place, there are a few decent places I could go lol.

  7. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    gordon yes! but we don’t have the mrt cards ^^; people still use paper cards and it’s random checking, and so bums usually just ride for free =_=;

    Anonymous aww

    Persocom-san I think the last time we weight Meow he was about 15-ish pounds? would be curious to see your photo walk ^^

  8. Coco the Bean
    Coco the Bean says:

    …I clicked and now I’m hungry. Dinner seems so far away :[

  9. Hangmen
    Hangmen says:

    Whoah, that expression on your cat cat looks kinda like mine, especially when she showed interest in jumping onto the dinner table when everyone’s eating.

  10. suki
    suki says:

    Wow.. I’ve always wanted to go to Canada but, yeah.. this is really, really pretty! ^__^
    Cute nyanko you have.. chubby kitties are even cuterer XD

  11. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    suki :D well on dark rainy days, not so pretty (or maybe the pretty is harder to capture ^^; ) His cute came with a prize, he can be vicious and bratty! lol

    Kozta-Boom LOL!

  12. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    suki wow you brave! lol I don’t mind misty type rain but I can’t bear the large stormy like rain ^^;

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