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Oops, have been neglecting my blogs ^^; had been busy, and the weather wasn’t very fantastic for photos… so haven’t taken much ^^; Some random bits and bobs accumulated and I will post them here :)

Lovely teeshirts get from Yu chann, Moe and her papa Alvin I heard that some of these Tee shirts were snatched up at the cosfest in Singapore :) I was commissioned to draw Yu chann and Moe over the past months :3

Some more random photos, including evil food pix under the cut :P You has been warned…

No, Ginko is not food… LOL She saw something outside and is about to pounce…

Evil food pix from Hog Shack, Poutine XP

Babyback ribs with vegetables and corn bread :P

Realise Saboten has opened in one of the stalls at Aberdeen center, husband noticed that the logo is familiar…

Danny kindly took us to a franchise of Saboten near his home (heard that it closed tho :O) during one of our past trip to Japan, verdict, there’s more variety in Japan and it’s way tastier in Japan!!!! lol

Coffee at Rocanini

Haven’t figure out how to make the foam so cute, I should google it lol!

Large Pink camera belongs to my friend <3 Tiny one belongs to my doll Mokotan <3

I leave you with an adorable photo of Yoshi making himself very comfortable on my husband LOL

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