Japan 2011 – Shinjuku Koen

Went to Shinjuku Koen one of the clear days (25 Nov 2011, Friday) we had, seems that fall is a bit late in Japan this year perhaps?

Or maybe we were hitting the wrong spots LOL! But we managed to see some japanese maple trees turning red ^o^ and it wasn’t super crowded ^^ I am looking forward to see my husband posting his photos of the Koen, I am really liking the photos he take with his camera. ^o^

The day we went it was a bit too sunny perhaps so quite a bit of my photos turned out a bit over exposed, needed to do some tweaking in photoshop except for a few…

It was a lovely mild afternoon, me and husband felt hot even some point in time ^^; we also see people napping on the grass XD

Of course I had to stalk the stray cats which we see time to time :P

Long cat is long ^^; but really… it was 2 cats, I swear :P

Saw a Caucasian photographer taking photos of something on a fence, we went closer and realised it was a dragonfly, quite a few were flying and stopping, so I tried to take a shot as well despite that I’m not a fan of bugs :P Glad I could zoom in LOL

Not sure what these flowers(?) were, but there were plenty around near a rest stop ^^

Photo below is one of the few which did not need tweaking :P

After taking photos at Shinjuku Koen, we had a quick lunch (reminder to self, don’t go to that cafe, the food looks pretty but feels like it only tasted salty ^^;;; )

We went to Nippori next… ^o^

Surprisingly (or maybe not) I did not buy as much fabric as before, I was a little disappointed to see that they still had imported fabric from USA and it took up quite a bit of their quilting level, I much prefer to see Japanese products/fabrics than items I can find locally… ^^; Local fabric shops have some imported Japanese fabrics too but they mark up the price 2-3 times per meter… =_=; Husband took a picture of me checking out some fabrics which I think will be suitable for some ideas I have :3

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